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A Guide To Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)



Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

There is an increasing demand for employees to be able to work from home or for companies to adopt a fully functioning hybrid working solution to be safe, profitable, and functional. These conditions must also seamlessly allow business continuity using optimum remote solutions.

A virtual desktop infrastructure such as that offered by leading virtual desktop solutions company ebb3 could be the answer. A virtual desktop allows the performance and power of a physical workstation to be brought to remote working. This virtual working solution is perfect for providing consistency and continuity as employees can seamlessly change the devices and locations they work from.


What is VDI servicing?

Virtual desktop infrastructures enable a remote server setup and the use of virtual desktops. A virtual desktop is more versatile and secure than a traditional office desktop setup. For this reason, many IT departments busy with other tasks choose to outsource the management of VDI infrastructure to services providers with specific virtual infrastructure expertise. This means that there is no need for in-house teams to be involved in maintaining and managing a VDI environment and stretching their existing abilities. The ability to use subscription-based services to take care of the IT back end tasks in a state-of-the-art data centre need not be an expensive proposition.

VDI service benefits are clear

Cost reduction – Onsite IT infrastructures are costly, not only hardware and associated accessories costs but also staff’s salaries as employees are needed round the clock to manage, update, repair, or replace any of the essential elements. The use of VDI services can significantly reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the need for much troubleshooting and desktop maintenance. When choosing VDI as a service, you pay for your use and eliminate many standing costs. Your provider will deliver a desktop experience to the end-user and have a dedicated team of professionals to cover all the upgrade and maintenance needs.

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Open all hours – It isn’t just the increase in remote working that sees businesses need better access 24/7. Consumers, service users, and clients often demand it to meet their needs. With VDI, employees can more easily be available when required, wherever they are. This can undoubtedly improve your service to clients and reduce your costs as it’s easier to enlist short-term help if it doesn’t involve completely reorganising your workforce or their whereabouts to get things done. Of course, you can’t always insist on 24hour, seven days a week office attendance of your workforce, and commuting, holidays, and sick days can severely dent productive work time. Yet, using VDI servicing means these problems are much easier to overcome.

Security and data safety – Hardware is incredibly vulnerable to data theft, and that can be a massive headache for businesses to ensure that cyber threats or equipment compromise don’t cause you a nightmare. Viruses, power surges, or employee negligence are some vulnerabilities that can be mitigated with a VDI setup. It relies on remote cloud servers that offer complete employer protection even when a device is damaged or stolen. The data remains secure, and there are multi-level security safeguards to ensure that even the most sensitive data remains secure.

Disaster – Your entire IT infrastructure is open to disastrous events. You could face total data loss from cyber to physical threats and rely on physical backup servers, which is excellent. Still, they are also at risk of the same disasters. Choosing to use a virtual desktop allows VDI service providers to offer a complete disaster recovery service that will aim to recover and restore data swiftly following any disruptive event.

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The modern world and way of working will see an increased reliance on virtual cloud-based servicing as the solution to security, scalability, and flexibility. Many businesses will embrace the productivity and cost benefits and thrive within the hybrid or remote working environment, should they have the right equipment and software.

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