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How To Succeed At Online Bingo



Online Bingo

Playing bingo in person and on the web has been a popular pastime for many years, and we’ve seen an increase in this popularity during the pandemic particularly online as more people looked for a source of entertainment during the lockdowns in which we also saw a hike in demand for playing games at an online casino. Playing online bingo is the perfect hobby for beginners and those who are advanced gamblers as there are so many different game types and variants to enjoy. But how do you succeed at online bingo? Here, we’re taking a closer look.


Pick More Than One Card

While this may be a more difficult tip for beginners, there is strong evidence to suggest that picking more than one card to play with can improve your odds of winning. If we break this down, you can see that if there are 200 cards available in a game of bingo, and you pick one card, your chances of winning are 1/200. If, however, you choose 5 cards to play with at one time, then your odds improve to 5/200.

However, it can be increasingly difficult to manage cards when you have multiple and if you miss a call because you can’t keep up with looking at all the cards then you may find yourself missing out on a big win. So only go with multiple if you can handle it – and if you’re a beginner perhaps build up to this!

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Play When fewer Players Are Online

The more players that join a game of bingo, the bigger the jackpot is going to be. However, the more players that are playing, the worse your odds of winning become. So, some players prefer to play when there are fewer players online to improve their winning odds. While this means the jackpots are likely to be smaller, the chances of winning them are much higher, helping you to succeed at online bingo.

Keep an eye on the player numbers in your online game and also on the bingo chat. Don’t forget you can always opt out of games before they start and before you’ve placed down your money to get the timing right for your online game.

Integrate Strategies Into Your Game Play

There is a range of strategies that you can combine into the gameplay that will help you succeed at online bingo. Some of the most common are the Granville strategy and the Tippett strategy. The Granville strategy is based on the idea that because each game of online and in-person bingo is as fair as possible, each ball has an equal chance of being called. Therefore, it is important to have as many different numbers on your cards as possible and ideally as many numbers without the same end digits (i.e., 4, 14, 24 would have the same end digits so 4, 15, 27 would be preferred). This allows you to capture a larger percentage of the numbers and spread your odds further. The Tippett strategy on the other hand is based on the idea that the balls that have median numbers are more likely to be called as the game progresses. The theory suggests that as more balls are close to the median value.

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