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How Useful Are Mobile Apps Today



Mobile Apps

Do you remember when the camera, calendar, and telephone are all three different devices? It is not a secret that technology has done a pretty good job. Billions of people around the globe are now active smartphone users. The impressive development of technology and access to high-speed internet has made the user experience more engaging. Phones have evolved from being simple to becoming smart over the years. Taking photos, checking your schedule, and calling someone are made easier all because of the mobile application.

It is so convenient to have everything you need in just one gadget. Little do we realise how much mobile apps are involved with our everyday routine—from waking up in the morning until we hit the hay.

We looked at the average mobile app consumption of smartphone users.


Here are the top 10 reasons why mobile apps make your day-to-day easier:

1. Perform Tasks Quicker

The most crucial function of a mobile app is to provide convenience, utility, and value to the users. When you are juggling a lot of things, sometimes you cannot just rely on your memory to finish them all. Getting the right productivity app will help you to tick off things from your to-do list.

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2. Intuitive and Easier Navigation Compared to Websites

In many cases, a well-designed mobile app works faster than a mobile website. This is because mobile apps can store your data locally on mobile phones, unlike websites that only use web servers. Mobile apps are also more popular than websites because the design and navigation are more user-friendly.

3. Offer Personalisation

A lot of mobile apps offer personalisation features that tailor to their users based on interests, purpose, location, and many more. For example, getting a fitness app lets you set up your goal from the start. Most apps now even let you customise the theme and its overall looks.

Mobile apps also have algorithm features that can track customer engagement which utilises recommendations and updates to its users. One of the best features is that some apps can identify your whereabouts to provide specific and real-time locations.

4. 24/7 Access To Almost Everything

As soon as you download an app, you now have unlimited access to it. It is not time-bound. This is especially helpful for apps that cater to healthcare and emergency services. Imagine having peace of mind knowing that you can reach anything you need at any time.

5. Entertainment On-The-Go

Thinking of what to do in your free time? There is a wide range of interactive mobile apps for you to choose from. You can play games, watch movies, listen to podcasts, scroll through posts, and talk to friends from all over the globe!

Entertainment On-The-Go

6. Instant Results in No Time

Unlike before, when you still have to go through a whole set of encyclopedias, everything you need to look for is now searchable just a few clicks away. The good thing is that every topic for every consumer is now available out there. Whether you are looking for a media streaming app, a personal journal, or an online shop, you can find it in the mobile apps store.

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7. No More Lines on Checkout

It is no secret that all of us are consumers. We shop and we pay bills. The good thing is that most utility and service providers, banking companies, and the biggest shopping malls are now expanding their reach to their consumers by developing mobile apps. Imagine the convenience of paying your bills or buying your next pair of shoes by just opening an app. Now, you do not have to go through long lines and traffic to get your errands done. Just sit on the couch, download the app, and click on the service. In just a matter of seconds, all expenses are now paid.

8. Free and Premium Perks

Apps nowadays offer you packages depending on how involved you want to be. Some offer free basic packages where you would usually get the base feature, and if you are willing to be charged, you can avail of paid packages for a whole set of extra cool features.

9. Brand Presence for Entrepreneurs

Today, a lot are now venturing into the business market. You are lucky if you are one of them because mobile apps allow you to advertise and make your brand visible. There are tons of marketing channels that you can take advantage of to increase brand awareness and improve your audience loyalty. With the help of mobile apps, you can create engaging content posts, set up chatbots for customer FAQs, and make good brand ‘#hashtags’ to keep your brand trending.

10. Prompt Updates and Notification

This may probably be one of the most overlooked conveniences of downloading mobile apps. Imagine receiving a message from a friend and seeing it two days later because there are no notifications or not knowing your flight got cancelled. This is a feature called in-app notifications that update you on recent activities. All apps will send you notifications by default, which is by far the most useful feature of every app.

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Mobile technology is consistently improving how we deal with our day-to-day activities—from waking up, working out, the way we work and communicate with each other, and spending free time. We can do more with just a click or push of a button. The great thing is that innovation and usefulness co-exist. As innovation keeps evolving, so will the use of these mobile apps.

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