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How are People Influenced by Celebrities?



Celebrity Influence

Celebrities and their way of life can impact many people. Starting from when we are very young, we’re constantly bombarded with images of their seemingly perfect lifestyles on TV and on social media. This naturally means that they also have the power to influence the general population, too.

There are a few ways people are influenced by celebrities in the public eye, and this article explores just a few of them.

Vacation in style

You might see your favorite celebrity sunbathing on a remote island you’ve never heard of, or even visiting somewhere you’ve been before but exploring somewhere new; either way, celebrities influence the way we choose our vacation destination.

Many adults have admitted to spending extra money on their holidays to head to a particular celebrity hot spot, while others look to rent a private jet to travel to their destination in style. It seems emulating the vacation habits of the rich and famous comes part and parcel with always seeing their vacation photos on our timelines!

Talk about body image

While the influx of edited photos by celebrities on social media can sometimes make us view our body image in a negative light, there have also been instances when celebrities have influenced the body-image discussion for the better.

One example is when singer Lorde drew attention to a Photoshopped photo of herself that went viral on Twitter. By telling her fans the image was heavily edited and she did not in fact look like that in real life, Lorde joined countless other celebrities in speaking out against the ideals of beauty promoted by the entertainment and fashion industries.

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body image

Look after their mental health

Thanks to many celebrities being open about their struggles with addiction and mental health, like when Demi Lovato released a song about relapsing after substance abuse, celebrities can help reduce stigma and raise awareness. In other words, they influence us to be more open about internal struggles that other people perhaps don’t see.

Lovato has been particularly influential in encouraging young fans to talk about their mental health, including the story of their struggle with eating disorders, depression, and bipolar disorder in many of their most popular songs.

Buy certain products

There’s no doubt that when a celebrity endorses something it then immediately becomes more popular. And companies regularly use this to their advantage. Trust and familiarity are important variables in the purchase decision-making process, so seeing a celebrity vouch for a particular product makes consumers feel more sympathetic toward the brand, and as a result, they end up buying the product, too.

Celebrities hold immense power in being able to influence the general public. By living their lives in the public eye, we’re more likely to want to vacation in style, buy certain products they endorse, and even be more open about our mental health.

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