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Who is Incidental Seventy (70)? – A Small Character Which Creates Big Impact In SpongeBob SquarePants Series



incidental 70
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Who is not familiar with the name of Spunch Bub or Spongebob? In fact, many of us are fans of this super hit animated series and the characters who played different roles there. The main characters of this series who got colossal fame and love are SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Pearl Krabs, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, and Sandy Cheeks. Still, many other characters make the environment of SpongeBob’s fictional world complete and colorful. Well, one of them we are exploring today is Incidental Seventy (70). You might now be thinking, who is Incidental Seventy (70)? What role does he play in the series? What does he look like? These are some questions you surely need to know. So, let’s get started and ride with us on this fun journey.

Unfolds The Facts About SpongeBob Animated Series

SpongeBob, often named SquarePants, is an American animated cartoon series that has been running for the last 24 years. The first show, SpongeBob, was aired in 1999. This series is considered one of Nickelodeon’s high ratings and most profitable series. While SpongeBob got lots of praise and appreciation during this journey. This series gained many achievement awards, worldwide fame, millions of fan bases, and enormous popularity.

The reason behind the immense success is the animator, creative director, story artist, and team members’ hard work. However, on the contrary, the character’s part is also significant. The series has creative, unique, attractive, and full of energy characters that are loved by every kid and adult. Hence, made a big reason for the success of this series.

SpongeBob Animated Series 

Image Source: Variety

Characters That Powered SpongeBob Series

This is a very interesting aspect that most of us may want to know. So, many characters power the success story of the SpongeBob Series, and SpongeBob itself is at the top of the list. Thus, what are the other characters, and which type of roles do they play? Surely you will be so excited to explore it. So, here in the following section, we are going to explore the characters and their desired roles. Let’s explore!

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Sponge Bop played the role of Sea Sponge, who is more positive in his attitude than his friends and favorite character of many of us. While the main co-lead is Partick Star, a cute but less intelligent starfish and a friend of SpongeBob.

Moreover, there are some other characters that include the Squidward Tentacles, an octopus that is always found in a bad and harsh mood. The character of Mr. Krabs, who is the owner of Krusty Krab and a greedy Krab. Along with the worthy appearance of  Plankton and Sandy Cheeks in the series.

Characters That Powered SpongeBob Series 

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There are a vast number of incidental characters we found in Bikini Bottom. All these characters have similar fishes, but their colors, patterns, designs, and clothes make a difference in them. Moreover, these characters create to make the Bikini Bottom world beautiful, vibrant, and dynamic.

So, we have discussed the characters of the Spongebob series. Now, let’s explore something exciting about the silent hero of incidental 70

Incidental Seventy (70) – A Silent Hero

Bikini Bottom is the fictional place where all the characters live together happily. It is a town with incredible outlooks, imaginative surroundings, energetic backdrops, the finest detailing, and an iconic location. Thus, one character that adds to the worth of these beautiful scenes is Incidental 70.

We often found Incidental Seventy (70) with other sea creatures or in between any comedy situation or among the background crowd in SpongeBob SquarePants. Although he is not the main character of SpongBop and has no repetitive role or dialogue as per the show’s storyline, he becomes part of many episodes, and without his appearance, the environment of Bikini Bottom looks incomplete. He can be defined as one of the most beloved characters.

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As far as we discuss the favorite place of Incidental 7. So, it is Goo Lagoon, where he enjoys bathing, playing, relaxing, and participating in beach activities. We often found him there.

Incidental 70 - A Silent Hero 

Image Credits: Encyclopedia SpongeBobia – Fandom

Till now, we have discussed the silent hero. In the next section, we will discuss all bout the appearance of incidental 70. So, let’s have a look!

Appearance of Incidental Seventy (70)

Incidental is a fish resident of Bikini Bottom near the Pacific Ocean. He is a male fish with a large button nose, white, big round eyes, and a broad smile on his face. He has a reddish-brown skin tone, which adds uniqueness to his character. In addition, this character played only a few dialogues during all seasons. Still, the person behind this voice is  64 years old Clancy Brown, an American voice-over artist of many promising characters in this series.

Rumors About Incidental Seventy (70) Removal From Series

There is a rumor that the character of Incidental Seventy (70) has been removed from the SpongeBob series, and now he will not appear in front of you, but it is just a rumor. He again appears in season 13 with an energetic and colorful appearance. Incidental 70 first appeared in the SpongeBob Series episode “Pickles’ season 1 in 1999, while his latest appearance is in the episode “Abandon Twits” Season 13. Thus, the removal of Incidental 70  is just a piece of fake news.

Major Episode Roles Of Incidental Seventy (70)

The minor details create significant impacts. This saying proves genuine in the case of the SpongeBob series, where the minor character creates a fantastic, colorful, fun environment. Incidental 70’s consistent appearance, naughty nature, and smiling face made a positive impact and played a vital role in the SopngeBop series. The significant episodes in which Indidetal 70 presence got high appreciation are Pickles, Walking Small, Fools in April, Bubble Buddy, Christmas Who? and Your Shoe’s Untied.

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Hence, we have discussed all the aspects of this exciting show along with the question of who is incidental 70? Well, there are an array of reasons, including long-term running, tremendous revenue rate, acceptance on different platforms, warmly welcomed merchandise and lots of appreciation and achievement that prove why people love this show. This series is loved by millions of adults, along with kids. Moreover, we can’t forget the role of minor characters in series like Incidental Seventy (70).

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