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How to Use Influencer Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business



Influencer Marketing Strategies

The current marketplace has challenged businesses and brands to stand out from the crowd and make a sustainable position. With the growing demand for digital platforms, brands are striving to make an online presence in order to build a reputed image. Undoubtedly, this has been working for most companies.

Influencer marketing has become the key factor for success for many businesses, especially startups. And given the fact that partnering with famous influencers and bloggers can surge their brands’ reach and audience purchase decisions, most companies that mostly relied on traditional advertising are opting for influencer marketing services.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the next-gen marketing technique, which involves the collaboration of a brand with an online influencer to promote its reach and market its services or products. The marketing technique has been a go-to for several businesses and brands, especially startups. Influencer marketing consultancies like Influenkr strengthens your brand’s reach and increases its visibility by targeting relevant leads and markets. Its services include creating viral social media campaigns with influencers and bloggers on social media platforms. Furthermore, they generate creative influencer marketing strategies and tactics to improve the company’s reach.

How to use Influencer Marketing to Grow your Business

Creators with a genuine and loyal social media following, who can influence people are influencers that brands look for. Gone are the days when a huge number of followers attracted an audience. In the new social paradigm, the influencers’ mindset, their content, and their relationship with the community they have created; matter the most. Apart from that, choosing influencers who match your brand’s niche is very important.

Here’s a step by step process to leverage influencer marketing for your Brand:

  • Create a plan: Make sure you have a plan beforehand. Ensure you have set your goals and your targets are clear. Moving ahead without a plan can lead to consequences. Furthermore, every aspect should be strategized, be it budget, timeframe, social media channels, target market, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Identify and analyze influencers: Once you have your plan ready, it’s time to look for influencers who match your company’s niche and marketing goals. Generally, brands target influencers with a huge number of followers, which at times backfires the entire campaign or project. So reaching out to the right influencers is much needed. Below is a list of different types of influencers who you can look up to.
  • Industry Experts
  • Celebrities
  • Thought Leaders
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Stars
  • Build a relationship: Next up, target influencers that you would like to partner or collaborate with. Building a relationship with them will make the process easy. Besides, knowing their rate card is very important in this stage.
  • Share your brands’ messages and briefs: Explaining your brand’s message and values to the influencer you are collaborating with is a must. They should be aware of your needs and requirements prior to working with you. Afterall, your brand values define your brand!
  • Evaluate influencers’ performance: Keep a check on influencers’ performance. Their reach, genuine followers’ growth, and other data and insights provide direction and focus and outline your purpose and goals.
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How to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

An influencer marketing campaign plays a vital role in boosting sales and achieving higher revenues. The entire process of designing and arranging an influencer marketing campaign involves goal setting, strategy, research, influencer outreach, building relations, legal contracts, and payments.

  • Boosts social media presence
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Increases your reach
  • Recognizes relevant customer base
  • Uses several forms of effective advertising together
  • Determine your campaign goals: Defining goals that match your strategy is the first step towards making your campaign successful. Your goals should be possible to achieve. Your influencer marketing goals should be about your company’s objectives. It should align with your business strategy. The purpose of influencer marketing is to communicate your brand’s services and products to relevant audiences. The constant aim is to attract, acquire, sustain and grow customers. Hence, setting achievable, realistic and upfront goals is mandatory.
  1. Identify your target audience: Identify your target audience, know their requirements and expectations. Only then you would be able to make a mark in their minds.
  1. Set your budget: How much money are you willing to spend on your influencer marketing campaign? What will be your main focus? When running your influencer marketing campaign, having answers to these questions beforehand should be one of the key steps. Be it influencers’ charges, advertising, products, or supplies, there should be a fixed budget. Take a look here to buy instagram followers.
  1. Establish Key Performance Indicators: Key Performance Indicators are the important (key) indicators of growth towards a proposed result.
  • They provide a focus for active and strategic development
  • They create a logical basis for decision making
  • They help emphasize what matters most
  1. Audience reach: Keep an eye on your audience reach. The best way to increase reach is by providing relevant and interesting content and posts.
  2. Engagement: Engagement helps in measuring the interaction on the content influencers post. The way the audience connects, leaves comments, etc should all be noted.
  3. Follower growth: What better way to know if your brand is getting attention, than measuring the follower growth.
  4. Website traffic: The content posted by influencers has a direct connection with the website’s traffic. The better the content is, the more is the website traffic.
  5. Click-through rates: Click-through rates measure the success as well as the effectiveness of the influencer marketing campaign for a particular brand.
  6. Sales: Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for increasing sales of a brand.
  7. Revenue: With an increase in sales, the revenue will automatically increase.
  • Identify relevant influencers: As mentioned above, the influencer you associate with should match your brand’s niche and marketing goals. Hence, do your research properly before associating with influencers. You may also hire influencer marketing companies in order to make the process hassle-free. Influencer marketing consultants improve brands’ reach by creating compelling, measurable, and ROI-oriented social media campaigns.
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Direct collaboration with influencers: Direct collaboration with influencers can be a lengthy and time-taking process, especially for startups. Big firms with in-house marketers should opt for direct collaboration.

Associating with an Influencer Marketing Company: As influencer marketing companies are trained in providing influencer marketing services, companies and brands should hire them. Relying on such companies is not just hassle-free but time-saving and cost-effective too as they already have thousands of connections.

  • Determine a timeline: Whether your campaign will run for a month, 6months or a year, create your campaign’s timeline beforehand. It makes the campaign easy to run and execute.
  • Choose the right social media platform: Choose the social media channel as per your campaign. The platform should be relevant as the campaign’s success depends on it. Be it Facebook or Instagram, know which social media platform is the most suitable for your campaign.
  • Review and optimize content: The content posted by influencers should be checked regularly. Review and make suitable changes if it’s not matching your brand’s goals.

Types of social media posts and strategies you can use to create an effective influencer marketing campaign

  • Creators post
  • Product reviews
  • Gifting
  • Blog testimonials
  • Takeover
  • Host events
  • Press releases
  • Guest blogging
  • Online conferences
  • Measure your campaign’s success: The final step is to measure your campaign’s success. Determine its engagement, reach, and other metrics as they play a vital role in a campaign’s ROI.

The final take

The success of your marketing campaign depends on your ability to identify the most relevant and trustworthy influencers. The way they promote your brand’s message builds relationships with audiences. It helps your business grow by attracting customers. Hence, choosing the right influencers can drive your brand and make a sustainable online presence, ultimately leading to an increase in your brand’s revenue. Create a sustainable digital presence on social media and everywhere around with Influenkr’s exclusive Influencer Marketing services. The influencer marketing consultancy is designed to help you connect to a global audience by associating with bloggers, influencers, and other industry experts.

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