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5 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Diamonds




Diamonds have long been hailed to be a girl’s best friend thanks to Marilyn Monroe and marriage proposals, but aside from that common saying being the first thing to come to many of our minds – what else do we actually know about them?

These stunning rocks can cost more than a house, often hold a lot of symbolic weight, and appear to be one of the most popular gifts you can give someone. But what else?


Read this piece to find out some interesting facts you might not know about diamonds!

Diamonds Are One of The Hardest Materials on Earth

Diamonds used to be able to claim status to being the hardest material that existed, but now several other materials have taken their place. They are one of the most scratch-resistant materials known to humanity, which means using them for an engagement ring that is ideally never taken off makes a lot of sense! That being said, because of diamonds’ durable substance, they still make an excellent stone for jewelry.

Diamonds Are Only Made Up of One Element

Diamonds, as we know them, have a composition of carbon. That’s it. What makes the carbon into its beautiful crystalline structure is intense pressure and heat. This process happens deep under the earth’s surface, where carbon molecules bond to create the beautiful stone we know and love.

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Diamond Weight is Measured By Carats

This specific measurement of carats has an Ancient Greek history. The word itself was derived from kerátion, which is the Greek name for the carob tree (fruit of the carob). This tree’s seed was used as the standard for weighing precious stones for centuries and became its own metric for measuring items that varied in weight slightly.

Diamonds Come in All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors

While we often think of the classic diamond as a clear small to medium round stone, the truth is that there are many different styles, sizes, and colors that diamonds can be found (or made) in.

Natural diamonds can have hues of yellows, reds, light blues, darker blues, greens, and oranges! Of course, because they occur naturally, it is the luck of the draw how strong the colors are and what hues you find, but some can be only a fraction of the saturation that you find in synthetically colored stones. If you are interested in purchasing some diamonds for yourself or for a loved one, then be sure to check out Zales coupons so you can get a great deal on a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry.

The Biggest Diamond in the World Was Named the Cullinan

In 1905, the largest diamond in the world was discovered during a routine inspection at the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa, by a superintendent. It was comprised of

3,106-carats and weighed approximately 1.33 pounds! It was then sold to the Transvaal Provincial government, who then gifted it to Britain’s King Edward VII. Parts of the diamond are now on display in the Tower of London with the other crown jewels!

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