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3 Small Business IT Must-Haves You Don’t Want to Miss



Small Business IT

Does time or expense delay incorporating must-have security information technology (IT) systems and solutions for your business? Don’t delay any longer! Cybercriminals can compromise your systems without these solutions, costing you more money and downtime.

Taking advantage of the following IT systems can result in exponential business growth, reduced costs, and more time to dedicate to business operations.

1. Automated Certificate Management Systems

Does your IT department struggle to keep tabs on SSL or TLS certificates to ensure that verified certificates keep your system secure? Many certificate management platforms require manual management or management by different groups. In that case, errors can occur, leaving revoked or expired certificates in place and compromising your system’s security.

Sectigo offers a comprehensive automated certificate lifecycle management system that allows for the automatic processing and management of security certificates all in one place. An inventory of hundreds or thousands of certificates can be displayed on a single pane of glass along with their statuses to ensure you’re alerted to ones that need attention. Sectigo’s automated certificate manager offers automated certificate management environment (ACME) protocol options. This protocol allows the certificate user and certificate authority (CA) to automatically exchange information regarding a certificate’s lifecycle process. Taking advantage of automated certificate management systems ensures that valid certificates are always in place.

2. Updated Network and Cybersecurity Solutions

Unfortunately, cybercriminals constantly evolve hacking methods around security measures that thwart them. They can create code or applications that pass through your firewall, defeating its purpose. This activity means that the system you have in place now may not be as effective against network and cyber invasions as when you first installed it. The solution is installing modern software applications to scan and detect vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.

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Vulnerability detection software will alert you to the weaknesses in your network by providing in-depth information and reports about your system’s susceptibility to attacks. This information will tell you how your system might be compromised, helping you create a plan for upgrading your system. Up-to-date antivirus and malware software should also be part of your security package. This software application should be updated frequently and quickly when new viruses and malware are learned. Upgrading your system for multi-factor authentication capabilities should also be an IT must-have.

3. Cloud Backup Applications

Cloud-based backup storage space for data backup and recovery is another security measure you should include in your total security package. Servers can be damaged during a disaster, while ransomware can obliterate their data. That’s why it’s essential to have your data backed up.

However, if you have your data backed up on servers located elsewhere, this still does not ensure the safety of the data or the ease of access. It’s better than not having your data backed up, but it is still not as effective as cloud-based storage solutions. Cloud-based applications can back up your data securely and safely under any circumstances, making recovery easy and minimizing business downtime.

You Can’t Afford Not To Have These IT Must-Haves

Security breaches can happen anytime, costing you significant money and downtime when safeguards are not in place. Investing in security systems such as automated certificate or TLS management platforms, network or cybersecurity upgrades, and cloud-based backup options will prevent security violations you won’t afford to overcome later.

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