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LED Displays for Indoor and Outdoor Use



LED Displays

The market introduction of blue LEDs (using efficient diodes emitting light of this particular colour) led to the development of bright, energy-efficient white light sources and the possibility of using this technology for colour video.
Since that time, about 20 years ago, leading LED display manufacturers, such as Macropix, have been working to design and market increasingly high-quality visual solutions (LED screens, LED walls, electronic billboards, totems, etc.) in all shapes and sizes, for indoor and outdoor applications, used by shops and businesses, large-scale industry, museums, theatres, etc.

Indoor LED displays for companies and retail businesses

The widespread popularity of this technology has led to the emergence and development of large-format indoor LED displays, which have gradually flanked and replaced other video technologies that were heavily used in the past.

The reason is very simple: with the same definition, they offer incredible advantages in many respects. First of all, being modular and composed of several cabinets, they can be placed side by side without visible and seamless interruptions, thus providing a continuous image and reproducing any static image or moving video as if it were a large PC monitor. In addition, LED screens are very thin and light, have a high and uniform brightness, easy and affordable maintenance and a long lifespan (each screen can last up to 100,000 hours), maintaining the same quality right up to the last moment of life.

In addition, it is a versatile solution that can be integrated into the décor and take on particular shapes. Last but not least, LED screens guarantee a distinctly important saving in electricity consumption for the user.

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Indoor displays of this type made up of 3-in-1 LEDs (RGB SMD), can be found in shopping centers, clubs, and shops, but also in ports, stations, and airports as innovative, high-tech digital media.

They can be used as dynamic furnishing elements (to engage the customer towards a new shopping experience), as a means of communication in shop windows or inside the business, in the form of totems for advertising or light panels to promote products and services or to communicate timetables, useful information, and important messages.

Outdoor LED displays for events and public activities

Outdoor LED displays are large-format screens consisting of several panels that can seamlessly reproduce static images or dynamic video. They are waterproof and robust models, bright and with a high resolution, visible even in direct sunlight and in all weather conditions, even very adverse ones.

These LED screens offer a new highly technological digital vehicle for broadcast advertising, providing communications, giving information, and elevating people’s entertainment to a very new level. Their application can be found on entire buildings, on scaffolding, as well as on roofs and walls, but they are also a perfect solution inside stadiums, stations, and harbors, on concert stages, and roads and motorways.

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