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Does the Length of the Blockchain just keep on Growing?



Length of the Blockchain



If you are intrigued by the concept of blockchain size, then you are not the only one. The size of a blockchain is one of the most perplexing topics in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Luckily for you, you can get all the answers regarding blockchain size, its limits, and the different issues created by its sheer length will be answered in this article. So let us jump into this exciting world of blockchain Technology right away, which will revolutionize the world in the coming years. Even though the potential of blockchain technology has been lying dormant for decades, once it has come to the limelight, we are quickly seeing how it is redefining the process of storing and securing data.

Its unique transparent and immutable system gives users unparalleled security, which was almost thought of till recently. No other Technology has provided such a fantastic solution; however, it brings one problem regarding its size. To understand this, we need to first look at how blockchain functions.

Work of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is exciting. In a world burdened by censorship, nagging bureaucratic hassles, and poor security solutions, this tech brings solutions that we have been for a while. Therefore, without requiring a central figure, any person can join this decentralized network as a peer.

Each of these peers, an individual human being or a company, will record the ledger wherein every transaction will be noted. Every time a new transaction happens, the ledger on all the nodes will be updated with this new information. This happens without any hassle, and it helps individuals create a decentralized network that can solve problems plaguing the companies’ proper functioning for a long time. is a fantastic website that will let you experience firsthand this unique functionality of Blockchain.

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Its Major Unprecedented Roadblock to Its Work

This fantastic feature of blockchain technology has been functioning seamlessly without any hassle for a long time. However, as its popularity increased, the problem started to rush in. No one anticipated that this blockchain Technology would witness so many peers participating in this network for a long time. A massive influx of participants meant that a sudden increase meant that the size of the Blockchain was increasing.

The size of the Blockchain and its blocks measure how much memory or information is a requisite to store them. The blockchain size can be calculated by multiplying the number of bytes per block with the current number of blocks. Just consider the size of the bitcoin blockchain, which was about 600 MB in 2021, but it is now more than 250 GB.

It is not just the bitcoin blockchain size that is increasing. As the adoption of Blockchain Tech increases, we can see very well that its size will keep on growing. Theoretically, this can go on forever as transactions, smart contracts, and other data are added over time. However, practically, its feasibility will decrease with this growth. We have to keep in mind that even if blockchain technology can support such vast amounts of data, our hardware is not equipped to handle this load and better solutions need to be created to tackle this issue.

A Smart Solution by Bitcoin

Bitcoins have come up with intelligent solutions, and the Bitcoin blockchain has Limited its size to only 1 MB as not all nodes need to download the entire blockchain data. Only the ones who work full nodes need to download the entire blockchain data because they will be responsible for validating any ongoing transaction. Others will add you to the one MB limit to ensure that this blockchain technology continues to help every individual who joins the network.

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Predicted to cross 6 TB easily by 2023, the size of the blockchain network will have a lot of implications for the future development and implementation of this tech. Therefore, more innovative solutions need to be adopted to deal with this issue to benefit from this tech without any hassle.

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