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Photo Editing Tool Lensa AI Features and Free Trails vs Premium Tools



Photo Editing Tool Lensa AI

In today’s age, where AI is dominating in each subject, it also makes you look stunning in pix. From the name of Lensa AI, all people can choose that it’s far from the present-day era called artificial intelligence. Lensa AI is a smart image editing app utility that you can use on your smartphone. It is used to make your pics appearance better through the usage of AI technology. This application may be downloaded on iPhones and Androids. It has a lot of incredible features to make editing a lot clean and you may discover a type of fun in it. With Lensa AI, You can do a lot of things like you could make your face appearance smoother, fix the shades of your choice, or even blur the background of your image.

The most essential element approximately it’s far that it technically reveals your face in photos and makes them appear high-quality without a number of attempts. It has a tool to blur the background, making your photo extra adorable. There are a number of filters and options to use and beautify the photograph. You can alternate colorings, and modify the brightness of factors to present your image with a really perfect look.

You do not need to be an expert to apply it. From novice to expert, everybody can make their snapshots look splendid. It is honestly beneficial for individuals who need to share their photographs on social media without quite a little effort. Lensa AI maintains updating after a while. They are continually adding new features according to user’s requirements. It is a nice tool for all people who love making their picture look high-quality easily.

Features Of Lensa AI

Lensa AI has such a lot of remarkable functions that make your pix appearance higher:

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Improving Graphics

Lensa AI has functions to enhance graphics via smoothing skin, putting off blemishes, and adjusting the functions of the face for an ideal polished appearance.

Background Blur

It has the pleasant function of blurring the background with beautiful broken effects, that add depth and effects to your pix.

AI Filters

It has a package deal of unique filters and ways to edit your photos. Whether you need your pictures with bright colorings or a mild look, this application has all the ones options.

Basic Editing Tools

It has functions to adjust lighting, shades, and comparison, and has unique features of photos to get the desired look.

Features Of Lensa AI

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User Friendly Interface

It has a person-friendly interface, easy to govern, and makes complex editing easy to use for all types of humans i.E. From new users to specialists.

Free & Premium Versions

It gives a Lensa AI free trial and premium mode, supplying each free and paid access to fundamental tools. From the premium version, you may get access to superior features for greater editing.

Regular updates

It constantly gives updates, adding new AI features based on personal feedback to beautify the editing revel.

Is Lensa AI free to use?

Lensa AI is a freemium software. It is available in both free in addition to top rate features. You can download it on your smartphone and use it without spending a dime. You can access a number of simple editing gear, filters, and features from the free model. You can use capabilities like portrait retouching, basic adjustments, and a few AI features with no charges. However, Lensa AI also has a subscription-primarily based top-class version, that unlocks quite a few advanced features, filters, and tools for greater lovely image editing. The paid subscription provides access to a wide range of AI features, consisting of more beautiful portrait retouching, superior background editing, and unique filters for specific image styles.

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Access to Premium Features

The following steps are here to get the premium version that has advanced functions:

Download the App

If you are using Android then download it from the Play Store and if you are using an iPhone then download it from the App Store.

Open the App

Once you have downloaded and get the app on your device, just open it and you will see its interface.

Subscription Option

You will find the option of Premium or Upgrade everywhere at the interface. It will be found inside the settings or profile segment. It can also be found on unique tools that are part of premium versions.

Choose Your Plan

Click on the premium things to view the subscription plan. It has monthly and yearly subscription options.

Select the Plan

Choose the plan that you find fine for you, monthly or yearly, and complete the method of subscription through the app. It involves the fee info and agreeing on the subscription terms and conditions.


Once the subscription manner is finished and confirmed, you will get access to the paid functions available on Lensa AI.

These are the easy steps for your subscription to the premium model. You can also get a Lensa AI Free trial before purchasing it.

Cancel  or Change your subscription to Lensa AI

For iPhone or iPad:

Go to the settings of your device

Scroll down and tap in your name, then pick out “Subscriptions.”

Find and choose the Lensa AI subscription.

From there, you can choose to cancel the subscription or change the plan.

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For Android (Google Play Store)

Open the Google Play Store app.

Tap the three horizontal (menu) inside the top-left corner.

Select “Subscriptions.”

Find and click the Lensa AI subscription.

From here, you can manage your subscription, either canceling it or changing the plan.

Drawback Of Lensa AI

Lensa AI has good features, but it is not perfect:

Paying Every Month: You need to pay regularly for the advanced features. Some people prefer apps you buy once or that are totally free.

Internet Need: To use some things, you must have a strong internet connection. If your area has bad internet, it may not work well.

Big Demand on Device: This app needs a lot of power and space. Older phones might slow down because they use a lot of device resources.

Takes Time to Learn: Even though it is made to be easy, learning everything might take time. Especially if you are new to editing photos.

Not for Everyone: Some advanced features might only work on certain phones or systems. It may not allow everyone to enjoy all the features.


Lensa AI is an app that uses smart tech called AI to make your pictures better. You can use it on your iPhone or Android and use it to edit your photos. It has lots of features like making your face smoother or blurring the background. It is really easy for anyone to use, whether you are a beginner or an expert. There is a free version with basic tools and a premium one you pay for some features. It needs a good internet connection and may slow down on older phones.

If you want a simple and awesome photo editor, Lensa AI is for you.

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