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Lousa Babi: Know Everything About Her



Lousa Babi

Do you know who Lousa Babi is? In short, she is the intellect of Lulubaby’s prenatal workshops. Besides, she is an ideal lady for those who want advice in complicated nursing. Some highly professional specialists are trained in their work at Lulubaby. The team is always ready to offer all the necessary support and assistance over pregnancy, birth, and postmortem care.

Those females who live in London state and currently give birth can get individual aid from Lousa for breastfeeding. However, according to Lousa, mothers should buoy up to remain in place with their babies. She believes that women should always give support for their preferences in their own lives.

Lousa had done working in the city a few years earlier; then, she put all her focus, resources, and energy into her young children, namely Toby and Arthur. During her working era, she was a good post at UBS and Goldman Sach, and she left both of these organizations to raise their children.

She is satisfied and pleased with this change in her life, and this unique service work of a breastfeeding counselor has turned her ecstatic. Lousa is rarely found inside her home. She is continually pursuing Lulubaby, two sons, and sausage dogs.


Lousa Babi Biography:

The ecstatic lady had to blink her eyes in Camden – London, England, on February 7th, 1989. She raised her career solely in 1997. At that time, she established herself as a popular figure in England. Besides, she also earned a huge name when she appeared in one of the programs, running from 1997 to 2009. It is no less than a mystery when the program’s audience increases regularly.

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There is nothing wrong with saying that her Beth Green character is mainly a meteoric ascent. Moreover, the second most popular program in her life’s history that aided in her earning a big name and game was the British Soap Opera East Ender. This program was started in 2005 and ended in 2006. But it later on again began in 2008 and is still airing.

There are several followers, cinema, moviegoers, and enthusiasts from all over the world who this famous baby star has amused. Lousa Babi gave birth to her beloved daughter on August 30th, 2021. Her fan followers and devoted admirers are anxious as they have to wait a long time to know her child’s name.

The couple has set up a baby photoshoot and posted the pictures on social media. You can also watch her official Instagram account as they had uploaded their family pictures there. These pictures went viral on the internet within no time, and devoted admirers loved them.

Name of the baby

Lousa Lytton and Ben Bhanvra have decided to give her baby daughter the name Olivia Bhangra. They conceive this name after a mutual decision. Before giving birth, she consecutively had to endure more prolonged labor pain for three days. Ultimately, the only choice left is cesarean surgery for delivery.

Life Partner:

Lousa Babi married a guy, namely ben Bhavnra, and she gave birth to his children. Two of them are brothers, and one is his younger sister. His wife – Lousa Babi, is also an experienced Chef as she specializes in Asian Cuisine. Besides, Ben Bhanvra is a big supporter of culinary arts. The couple has a happy and well-balanced life.

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ben Bhavnra

Filmography of Lousa Babi

Lousa Babi produced and directed a pocket film in 2008 known as “Disappeared.” It was her first debut production in this business. It was just an initial stage of work in the Entertainment sector film industry. In the following year, 2009. Lousa Babi has played the role of Imogen. It was the fourth TV show season-American Pie.

Besides this, she also plays a role in many TV shows such as “The Knot” and “Payback season.” Both these shows are aired in the United States. On the other hand, she portrays the role of “Jenny” in the movie “Young, High, and Dead.” It was released in 2013. She performed the character of Alva in the film “Fractures” released in 2016.

Final Words:

Lousa Babi is not only a producer, but she is more than this. At a time, she is a role model for mothers, breastfeeding counselors, actors, and directors. It is not wrong to say that she is a multi-talented irony lady. Besides, you know about Lousa Babi’s biography and her child. You can also become a part of her social media family by following her.

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