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6 Majors That Will Help You When You Start Your Business



Start Your Business

Starting your business is not an easy feat. Before you invest your money in an idea, you must understand how the corporate world and economy works. Hence, prior knowledge and skills do come in handy.

Knowing and studying how to run a business is an excellent way to gain the mindset needed to thrive in a competitive landscape. Having various educational options allows you to learn and practice the qualities and skills you need to succeed as an entrepreneur. Studying different subjects helps you think more creatively and wear multiple hats during your initial days as a business person.

So, what should you major in if you want to start a business? We’ve compiled a list of six subjects that will help you run your business more smartly as you grow.


Business administration

This is a no-brainer. A business administration degree equips you with the correct business know-how and skills you need to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. It is the most straightforward way to become a businessperson. Such courses will help you develop a fundamental understanding of core business functions, such as finance, accounting, marketing, management, etc. Of course, you can also opt for an MBA with a concentration in a specific subject. But an online general MBA program is a seemingly better fit since you can learn flexibly and apply your learnings in your business on the go.

Earning an MBA also allows you to network with other professionals and experts in the industry. This can prove beneficial to your business in the long run since you can build business partners or look for more people willing to invest in your business idea.

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An economics degree will enable you to underst and how the economy and business environment function in general. You will be able to apply fundamental concepts related to supply and demand and scale your business accordingly.

Understanding supply and demand will help you evaluate how many products you should be producing at a given time of the year and how to price your offerings to break even. If you have a knack for math and statistics, this will come in handy. Moreover, if you plan on taking your business venture global understanding, the macro environment will also be beneficial.


An education in marketing enriches you with the essential skills and knowledge you need to compete with your competitors. A marketing degree can help you sell your company to investors. Not just that, the general knowledge you get from a marketing degree helps you manage your business effectively. A degree in marketing prepares you to market your products and services most effectively and uniquely. It teaches you how to research and identify your target market to generate more ROI for your marketing efforts.

In addition, it allows you to learn how to customize different marketing strategies to a specific demographic group. You understand which social media platform and advertising channels are most helpful for reaching your customers. Furthermore, you learn to create a unique value that gives you a competitive edge over other businesses.

Computer science

Entrepreneurs who understand apps and software development can design more useful and effective tools to ensure better sales in the digital space. Hence, majoring in computer science will enable you to enjoy versatile abilities to create a successful business.

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A degree in computer science helps you learn programming languages relevant to many web/mobile development projects. You can create better shopping experiences for your customers, including desktop and mobile features and applications. Better customer experience will lead to higher satisfaction levels and repeat purchases. If you’re launching a tech-related business, this education choice will be even more useful.


Being an effective communicator is a must for entrepreneurs as they can use those skills while explaining projects and presentations. Clear communication helps to remove misunderstandings.

Moreover, entrepreneurs with a communication degree can interact with their employees better. It builds a strong bond between a business and its employees, setting clear expectations. A communications degree allows you to learn the basics of how to be an effective communicator. You know to apply those skills to written and verbal methods of communication. In addition, it gives you more confidence, allowing you to reach out to more people and create more professional connections. Furthermore, you learn to connect with people better, making them feel important.


Undoubtedly, many software programs and apps make accounting and tracking finances simpler. However, it’s still essential for entrepreneurs to have financial know-how as they can benefit by understanding accounting methods and financial ratios. An education in finance allows you to keep your business ship afloat by managing cash flow, expenses, and investments. Not just that, it helps you learn how to create financial statements and how to make finance-related decisions.

In addition, you learn how to perform accounting functions. You learn how to read balance sheets and income statements. You get to know about investing, lending, and the overall financial position of your company, helping you make better and smarter business decisions.

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Now we’re not saying that you should earn an education in all of the subjects mentioned above- that would take years anyway. But opting for something that piques your interest will help you in your entrepreneurial journey. So, choose one you feel will bring more value to your skills and business and enroll in a higher education course on the internet to learn flexibly.

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