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How To Make The Most Out Of Using A Wheelchair



Using A Wheelchair

There are many reasons why someone may be in a wheelchair. Perhaps they are recovering from surgery and need to be off of their feet for a while, or maybe their mobility is declining due to age or disability and they need to use a wheelchair to get out and about.

Either way, it goes without saying that humans can find sitting in a wheelchair all of the time uncomfortable. Simply put, humans are not designed to sit for extended periods, and doing so can cause discomfort and other issues.

So, if you are new to using a wheelchair, you may be curious as to how you can make the most out of the experience and keep your comfort levels high when using yours. Want the details? Then keep on scrolling!


Cushioned Arm Rests

If you are going to be in your wheelchair every day, it can be worth investing in cushioned armrests. The daily use of WAV cars is growing in popularity amongst wheelchair users, so getting armrest cushions can make a huge difference to both the wheelchair and adapted vehicle you use.

This will help to keep your arms comfortable and away from the steel or aluminum structure of the chair, thus making it easier to move in and out of it if you need to without putting undue pressure on the arms. You can check out various options for the right level of thickness, or even have a few different cushions and change between them at varying times of the day for maximum comfort.

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Lumbar Support

When you have no lumbar support, sitting down for extended periods can be challenging and uncomfortable. Luckily, wheelchairs can accommodate a range of accessories that are designed to support your lower back. Plus, if you have an extremely tight budget, even a rolled-up towel can be more than enough to help support your lumbar area.

Custom Seating

When you have been using your wheelchair for a while, it can cause you to fidget, especially if any discomfort you are having is in your lower back. So, at this point, it may be time to look at custom seating.

You may need the help of a physical therapist or doctor to get the precise seating that you need for maximum comfort while in a wheelchair – but doing so will be worth it!


It may seem like something you would only need on a pushbike; however, if you are getting out and about in your wheelchair, you may find a bell to be a useful accessory, particularly if you are using it at your local park or when going to the shops on a busy street.

Some bell styles can be built into the wheelchair itself, or alternatively, you can have changeable bells that can be clipped to the side of the chair. Both work well in alerting people of your presence, so it is entirely up to you which one you choose – just pick one that’s comfortable and easy for you to ring and reach.


Many people who use their wheelchairs every day like to make them more personal and fun, which can include beads on the wheels, vibrant cushions, stickers, decorations, and other accessories. However you choose to decorate and style your wheelchair, you are bound to have some fun, as well as make plenty of heads turn!

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