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What Is A Measured Building Survey?



Measured Building Survey

Measured building surveys provide the information required to produce scale drawings when any major structural internal or external building work is to be carried out. Accurate scale drawings of the existing structures enable surveyors and construction teams to identify gaps between the original plans and the actual construction. External and internal comprehensive surveys of the building and standing structures can then further be linked to a topographic survey to give further information about the building in its environment. The detailed floor or building measurements can be taken further to a fully-fledged 3D building model if required.


Who needs a measured building survey?

Both domestic and commercial customers can use a measured building survey for extending, redeveloping or creating building safety plans. Technology has moved these surveys beyond pen and paper, with technology such as HDR scanners and Leica Total Stations able to measure more accurately, reliably and faster than the previous methods.

Why a measured building survey matters

You need accurate information you can rely on to avoid getting caught down the line. Accuracy is essential at any level of detail, so working with a professional will help you determine the most appropriate survey for your project. The CAD Room is one such provider offering a complete measured building survey, topographical survey and BIM solution to provide accurate and detailed information on buildings internally and externally.

The primary measured building survey types

As defined by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RCIS), the main measured building survey types are:

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Unconnected – An utterly independent survey that does not allow for connection to other survey parts. This has been used when personal space is left, so the details of adjoining or other areas are irrelevant. The relationship to the surrounding space is not recorded.

Connected – Laser scanners and other survey instruments accurately measure and record information relating to all floors and elevations with a property. When a high level of detail and accuracy is needed for significant structural alterations, this is the most likely measured building survey appropriate.

Semi-connected – A detailed survey of one floor is carried out, most often the ground floor. This can be an appropriate survey level when the remaining floor interior rooms and spaces follow the same pattern. All interior rooms and areas are recorded and then used to inform the layout of the other floors.

Measured building surveys in use

Refurbishing and redeveloping properties are the most often cited reasons for requiring a measured building survey; however, they also have many other uses, including:

  • Valuing a property for rental, sale or tax purposes
  • Managing properties or laying site services
  • Resolving party wall and right to light disputes
  • Selling, buying or leasing land or property
  • Health and safety, including fire planning and building regulation compliance

Accuracy is crucial

Accuracy is vital to ensure that architects, developers, and structural engineers have the information they need to support their decision-making. Property consultants can determine a property’s net and gross internal areas to assist with rent reviews for commercial and domestic properties. When a property is to be renovated, extended, have a change of use, be leased out, or require an accurate drawing to enable space planning, then a measured building survey is the start.

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As the measured building surveys can be drawn to as detailed a level as required, to pre-defined scales and accuracy tolerances, they provide an early invaluable insight. This insight will reduce problems, costs, and time further down the line. Information about cross-sections, floor plans, elevations, and roof lines can all be seen in measured detail.

So there, you have helpful insight into the importance and relevance of an accurate measured building survey and its place in the smooth running of a build or renovation.

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