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Mithilesh Patankar: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Career, Net Worth & Girlfriend



Mithilesh Patankar

Mithilesh Patankar, a Hindu from Maharashtra, entered the world on June 24, 1998, in Mumbai. He goes by the name Mithilesh on his channel, and he’s the biggest YouTube star in India. His YouTube channel name Mithilesh was inspired by his namesake Mithilesh Patankar. He broke his name into several segments. He selected Mithilesh over Patankar and combined them.

Balmohan Vidyamandir was where he completed his higher education. He decided to start learning to mimic. He finished elementary school and immediately joined the engineering program at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology. He contemplated moving to America after overcoming his introverted nature while in college.

Mithilesh created his YouTube channel on July 30, 2018, and uploaded his first video that day. “Sacred Games Season 2 Scene leak?” Funny was the video’s title. 730 K viewers viewed his words. He has archived all uploads since the beginning of his channel. Mithilesh Patankar enjoyed mimicking famous people, and it made his videos entertaining.


Early Life

Mithilesh was conceived in Mumbai, Maharashtra, on June 24, 1998. He is tall, healthy, and has black eyes. His education culminated in Mumbai’s Balmohan Vidya Mandir School. He has enjoyed the art of mimicking ever since his elementary school days. His family supported him in every stage. His family always praised him for his imitational.

Mithilesh was inspired by this motivation to continue his journey. Mithilesh was a skilled gamer, so he started his YouTube channel to share gaming-related content and mimicry. Later, the channel was a great success. His net worth currently stands at around three crore 50 thousand. He takes in about 20 million rupees monthly.


Mithilesh was a shy kid who grew out of it. He is still more introverted than he used to be. It was difficult for him to speak confidently at the end of the year. It is a Shahrukh Khan fanboy and wants Shah Rukh Khan to be accurate. He decided to study mimicry during school and began practicing. He could imitate Shah Rukh Khan’s voice after 16 days of practice. Mithilesh later shared his mimicry records with his family.

As I mentioned, his family was supportive and used to appreciate his work. This appreciation drove him. He decided to take the initiative and learn how to mimic the art of other artists. It decided to learn mimicry better. He completed his primary education and enrolled at the Vidyalankar Institution of Technology to study engineering. Once he conquered his shyness, he started thinking about relocating to the United States.

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He decided to show his talent for mimicry at college events. Although he could have been better prepared, he performed with maximum claps and cheers from the audience. He was successful in every way, and his college became famous. Mithilesh is always performing at an event. He represented his college, and he won different titles at the competition. He was happy with his life, but he felt he was missing something. He decided to join Youtube to share his talents with a wider audience.

He began uploading videos to Youtube as a way to express his thoughts. His first Youtube video was a dubbing of Sacred Games. Although the video was impressive, it didn’t engage. The upload limit was increased, but there was little interest from the audience. He uploaded a humorous video clip about Doraemon cartoons in January 2019. This video became viral. He had 1000 subscribers on January 11. On January 15, the number grew to 5000 subscribers. In just two months, he was able to reach 100K subscribers by April 2019, thanks to the viral Doraemon video.

He decided later to enter the gaming industry because he enjoys playing new games. So he thought, why not combine dubbing with gaming? Kwebbelkop, a Dutch YouTube content creator, inspired him. He has more than 13 million subscribers. His unique gameplay and commentary have made Now That one of India’s most popular Gamers. His audiences are also the most engaged. He is now a Voice artist and works on Web Series.

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He entered the world in the year 1998, and with birth in Mumbai. The year 2021 will mark Mithilesh’s 22nd year. His birthday is celebrated on June 24 each year. His birthday also indicates that he is a Capricorn. Capricorns are very intelligent, loyal, and disciplined.

He was 22 years old when he achieved a lot of success that even a 35-year-old can’t. He sacrificed many nights to achieve his success. His success is not due to his hard work. He is still young and will win more victories in the future.

Height and Weight

This section will tell you how tall Mithilesh Patankar is. According to the latest Bollywood, Mithilesh Patankar is 5 ’10 “tall and weighs 67 kg.


One thing celebrities have in common is their ability to keep their families out of the spotlight. After reading the latest updates on Mithilesh’s marriage, you might wonder about Mithilesh’s family. We can only witness that Mithilesh has been involving with many of the things that helped Mithilesh Patankar get this far.

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What about Mithilesh Patankar? His identity as a parent has been kept secret to avoid the spotlight. We learned that he had a younger sister named Prachi Pisat. She’s a model with acting aspirations. After looking at the wiki para, we were able to locate the details of his family.


He is a clever and successful guy who also has a great sense of humor. He is currently married to Urmila, Mithilesh’s college classmate. They started dating six years ago and eventually fell in love.


Mithilesh Patankar received his degree from his alma mater, Balmohan Vidyamandir. He took a decisive step and started to learn imitation better. Right after finishing elementary school, he enrolled in the engineering program at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology. He was able to overcome his introverted nature in college and was now considering moving to the USA for a better lifestyle.

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Mithilesh patankar’s YouTube journey

Everybody is aware of where the name “YouTube” came from. Mithilesh can be referred to as a myth’, and Patankar is credited with ‘part.’ Mithilesh is the result of their collaboration. This YouTube channel is not going to dispel any urban legends, but it is a lot of fun. Mithilesh is a YouTube channel that offers gaming content dubbed to make it more fun. In July of 2018, Mithilesh began uploading videos to YouTube. Mythpat’s first video dubbing video of Sacred Games needed better reception.

When he finally started getting massive amounts of traffic to his site in January of 2019, he knew he had to keep up the video postings. The viral video was a Doraemon dubbing. He continued to grow on YouTube, adding gaming prank videos. GTA and Minecraft were the main sources of gaming content. His ideas are always fresh and interesting to keep his audience interested. Some of his tricks include April fool videos and delay in face revelation.

Social Media

It’s possible to connect with Mithilesh across three of the most popular social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. While Mithilesh can also be found on other social media platforms, the most popular are those mentioned above.

Twitter: Besides his other notable activities, he also uses Twitter. More than 2000 people on Twitter follow him. In February 2019, he joined Twitter.

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YouTube: Nearly 96% of his Youtube followers recognize him due to his Youtube content. He has over 3 million subscribers and owns a Youtube channel. The channel was launched on July 29, 2018. He has had over 95 million video views in the past 30 days. That is crazy.

Facebook: He could be more active on Facebook, but he does have a good number of followers on his Facebook page, which more than 12 000. He hopes to become more active on Facebook.

Instagram: He has over 250K followers and has posted more than 55 Instagram posts. He uploads exclusive content to his Instagram followers, which is why he does less on Instagram. He gets over 23K likes per post on average. This means that his Instagram account has an incredible 13% engagement rate.

Net Worth

Mithilesh Patankar’s net worth has been estimated at around 4 million rupees. YouTube ads are his main source of income. With Adsense, he may anticipate a monthly income of about 20 million rupees. Sponsorships, super chats, and many other sources are his other sources of income. His income from super cheats is much lower since he only uploads videos to YouTube sometimes.


  • Mithilesh collaborated with Saimin Says and Triggered Insaan.
  • On April 1, 2019, Mithilesh published a video on YouTube in which he presented himself as the Hindustan Gamer’s rightful owner. It turned out to have been a video made by an April fool.
  • His fans voted Mythpat’s face-revealing video as one of their most requested. He would always postpone it, often with an excuse. He uploaded his face-revealing video of Saimin Says as a 600k subscribers unique video.
  • To date, he has amassed over 475k Instagram followers.
  • A large number of people (over 300,000) have joined his Discord server.
  • Mithilesh pathankar was nominated (International) for YouTube stream awards.
  • GTA V is his favorite game.
  • Mithilesh Pathankar was view on ABP News TV on December 5, 2020.
  • Kwebbelkop is his favorite YouTuber. He was a child watching his videos. He was and still considers an inspiration.
  • Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast, The Ranvir Show, featured Mithilesh. He also stated that it is his dream to appear in this podcast.
  • Mithilesh pathankar was invite to the Netflix Stream Fest, where he could collaborate with other content creators such as Aisha Ahmed, Kusha Kapila, and Tanmay Bhatt.
  • Prachi, Myth Pat’s elder sister, is very close to him. On August 3, 2020, he uploaded a throwback shot from his boyhood.
  • Dubai is his favorite vacation spot. He made a trip to Dubai in 2019,
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