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MSN Informatics

College is a major investment of time, money, and energy. But is it worth it? Choosing a career path that aligns with your interests and long-term goals is important. If you’re interested in nursing, consider pursuing a master’s degree with a nursing informatics specialization from an accredited university.

You’ll Learn to Apply Systems-Thinking Strategies

A key part of RN to MSN informatics programs is teaching nurses how to apply information science to address healthcare challenges. Nursing professionals must use a holistic approach that considers the full web of factors impacting a patient’s health to deliver more efficient and effective care.

Systems thinking includes various tools – or techniques – that can help you understand the bigger picture by identifying causal loops that can lead to different outcomes. For example, systems archetypes and causal loop diagrams provide a framework for people to understand how elements of an issue interact to create positive or negative outcomes.

These tools can also be applied to healthcare, so an MSN in nursing information technology degree may be the right program for you. Designed for working professionals, this MSN in nursing information technology degree offers the convenience of online learning and is accredited by a top-ranked regional university.

You’ll Learn to Improve Patient Care

For nurses, a career in nursing means spending long hours on the front lines in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and even home healthcare settings. Nursing is a critically important and highly demanding field that requires nurses to perform various tasks with potentially life-altering implications.

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Healthcare professionals must have the right tools to do their jobs well. One of the most powerful tools they have today is technology. Fortunately, technologies like computerized physician order entry (CPOE) have been shown to reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes.

For those interested in using data and technology to improve healthcare, a master’s degree in nursing informatics is a great place to start. In most universities, you can choose between a course-based format and a competency-based approach with the RN to MS in Informatics program. Both options help you balance your educational goals with existing professional responsibilities and provide flexibility to fit your schedule.

You’ll Learn to Lead IT-related efforts.

In a healthcare environment that requires constant communication, nurses often act as information stewards. Nurses with an MSN in Informatics are prepared to plan, transition, and evaluate innovative technologies that improve healthcare services, patient outcomes, and staff efficiency.

An MSN in Nursing Informatics teaches nurses how to implement these new technologies while focusing on the human element of patient care and ensuring compliance with medical and nursing mandates. Most CCNE-accredited MSNs with a Nursing Informatics specialty track are designed to help prepare nurses to be leaders in this fast-growing field.

An MSN in Nursing Informatics enables nurses to lead the technology efforts that keep the US healthcare system running smoothly, efficiently, and safely for patients everywhere.

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