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PA BetRivers’ Technology Will Enable Multi-player Video Slots Events



Multi-player Video Slots Events

RushArena is the latest innovation for gaming from Rush Street Interactive, which is the company behind sportsbook brands Rush Bet, PlaySugarHouse, and Bet Rivers. The new technology provides players with the opportunity to go head-to-head against other players in video slot game tournaments.


A History of Innovation

Rush Street Interactive is no stranger to creating innovative new products. In the past, the company came up with a number of similar innovations which helped to develop its line of online bingo titles. The company is now targeting video slot gaming for its next creative adventure. RushArena will bring a unique gaming experience for all players which will also provide even more chances to win. The first opportunity Rush Street Interactive will have to showcase its new software features will be in the Rush Race tournament which will also mark the first opportunity for players to try the latest format.

Revolutionary New Features

A slot tournament is nothing new to the industry, as they are quite commonly run in high street bookmakers and casino establishments as a powerful promotional tool. These slots are all desktop and mobile-ready and can be played on mobile apps in line with today’s mobile trends.

If a new video slot is released, then an effective method in promoting it is to run free play tournaments where the winner for the day or over the weekend will receive a cash prize. Other tournaments can be real-play, where the player who has won the most money over the course of a set period will pick up a prize. But RushRace is not just a standard tournament, it has several unique features which allow it to be set apart from regular tournament formats:

  • A player is free to join at any point during the tournament’s registration window.
  • A player is entitled to change a game during the tournament as a way to offer more entertainment value because a player might want to play a more exciting game.
  • The tournament hosts a large number of qualifying games which will give the player much more choice rather than having to stick to one pre-selected title.
  • As players have different size purses, they can get matched up with another player with the same purse, so the tournament doesn’t favour those with the bigger purse.
  • The size of a wager can be changed for strategy purposes
  • There will be a leaderboard that will be kept up to date, and players are free to check each other’s progress throughout the contest.
  • Entry into the tournament is possible via various methods, such as being able to purchase entry via Rush Street Interactives bonus store.
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As these features combine, players will have a tournament experience like never before, and it’s all thanks to the creative business model of Rush Street Interactive.

More to Come

This is just the beginning for Rush Street Interactive, as it has already gone on the record stating that RushArena will be the start of many more things to come. The company has the goal of improving the whole experience of slot gaming. It is already known that Rush Street Interactive will develop the platform further by offering head-to-head matches. The CEO Rush Street Interactive, Richard Schwartz, spoke about the new developments stated that enhancing the player experience is the strategy for the business. Rush Street Interactive has a close relationship with its customers, and as it owns the framework, the business is able to build and alter the platform in order to tailor its games and bring the players exactly what they want.

Rush Street Interactive Award-Winning Operators

Rush Street Interactive is a well-respected, online gaming and sports entertainment company, which is focused on the regulated markets of Latin America and the United States. Rush Street Interactive is life in 12 US states with real-money online, mobile and retail operations. Its brands PlaySugarHouse, Bet Rivers, and Rush Bet can be seen in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Michigan, Connecticut, Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, Arizona, and West Virginia, as well as its operation in the South American regulated market of Colombia.

Rush Street Interactive brings some of the most exciting casino game titles to its users, as well as an option for sports betting. The company was established in 2012 and has since gone on to become award winners, after it picked up awards such as the 2020 Global Gaming Awards Digital Operator of the Year, and last year it scooped three awards with the EGR 2021 North America Awards Casino Operator of the Year, Social Gaming Operator of the Year, and Customer Services Operator of the Year.

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