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Online Nursing Education Post-Pandemic is Here to Stay



Online Nursing Education

RN (Registered Nurse) to BSN (Bachelor of Science) in online nursing programs provide the fastest way that working registered nurses can earn the four-year degree and access better-paying jobs. Studies show that 94% of nursing degree holders find employment within six months (24 weeks) after graduating. Additionally, a 2020 survey by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing revealed that a BSN-holder earns more than $15,000 annually than an ADN-holder.

Nonetheless, the continuing Covid-19 has necessitated innovation and agility in the nursing faculty to continue effective service delivery, but not without some challenges. In the past year, there’s a lot that people have learned from the various experiences, not forgetting the numerous changes triggered as a result.

Impact of the Pandemic on the Nursing Workforce

In some ways, the pandemic only aggravated existing snags in the U.S. healthcare industry. When Covid-19 reached the U.S., the nursing sector was already struggling with personnel shortages. Research shows that the personnel shortages were partly due to an increasing number of seniors aged 65 and above that required more healthcare, the same period that many nurses were approaching retirement.

How are Schools Responding to the Matter?

Meanwhile, schools continue designing inventive strategies to help nursing students finish their coursework and enter the workforce. In the past, it was a requirement for aspiring nurses to work directly with patients at healthcare centers before graduation. However, with the onset of the pandemic, it became impossible.

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State governments and schools had to develop plans to enable thousands of students to graduate to help healthcare facilities overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients. From reducing the required nursing student onsite clinical hours to doing away with the requirement in some states, these are some of the ways that schools are experimenting with to allow potential nurses to get their clinics earlier.

Online Nursing Programs and Student Responsibility

Facilitating online nursing education is one of the best strategies that schools have come up with so far. Many nursing students and instructors struggled to adjust to the new adjustments initially. Online nursing programs have been around for many years, and the number of students preferring online studies to the traditional approach continues to grow.

Nevertheless, some potential nursing students still hold some reservations about online education. While the content and mode of delivery remain crucial in the healthcare industry, students must recognize the type of student they are and communicate that with their instructors. Students should also take advantage of the various learning tools on the internet and create online study sessions with their peers.

Why Should Students Consider Enrolling for Online Nursing Programs?

Experiences in the past year have encouraged many nurses to further their education to qualify for more administrative roles. Also, the pandemic has raised global awareness of the nursing profession as a valuable resource for years to come. It is a good time for aspiring nursing students to advance their education by enrolling in an accredited online nursing program.

One of the advantages of enrolling in an online nursing program is the convenience and flexibility it offers. Students can add their schoolwork into their daily schedules naturally at all times. Online nursing education provides the ability to effectively manage personal responsibilities such as work, family, and school.

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However, students need self-discipline to succeed in school and their personal lives. The cost of the entire program was limiting for many nursing students in the past. However, many schools are now offering affordable online nursing programs. Since online education has less overhead, online programs typically cost less than the traditional approach to education.

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