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Organizing Your Persuasive Essay: A Strategic Approach



Organizing Your Persuasive Essay
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A persuasive essay aims to convince someone to agree with your argument. It relies upon effective storytelling to make the reader resonate with your views. You must systematically present your stories or information. It lets the reader view the flow and smoothly follow it. The stories in the essay go beyond entertainment.

It goes into delivering a message cunningly to impact the psychology of the reader. It includes a claim and an audience that you must address. You must create emotions in them to make them change their opinion to yours. The essay requires the use of logic and an easy-to-follow structure.

Understand what your essay needs

A persuasive essay can also be defined as an argumentative essay. The art of writing relies upon your art of arguing out issues. The main point of the essay is to make the reader agree with you. You can do this by ensuring you understand what you must include in your text. Note down the things and ensure you capture them all in your text. Your essay needs the following.

  • Good research. Good research means the information can be used or replicated. It must be backed by science meaning it can be researched in the future and tested. It is based on samples and variables that must be compared.
  • Great arguments. A strong argument means supporting logical information. It might not be conclusive but it should not be deductive. The clear reasoning you present to the reader is what makes your argument strong.
  • Good structure. The structure of your essay should be functional. It should have a special purpose and be practical. In an essay, it includes the points you argue on and the evidence you have. It includes the opening text, main arguments, and the closing points.
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In your journey of effective persuasive essay writing, you might feel lacking. You might lack in terms of experience or approach. These two components matter and impact how well you present your points. There is a solution though because you can ask trained expert writers to write for you. They are available online and have created a friendly website to help write essays online. Using a reputable writing service ensures you get the strongest points. They have the experience required and take the right approach of telling the story and arguing it out.

How to begin a persuasive essay

Your persuasive essay has a beginning, a middle part, and an end. The beginning part is important. It forms the introduction to your story or persuasion angle. Its purpose is to make your reader settle and pay attention to your text.  You begin with a background to the issue. The background is connected to a hook that acts as the initial persuasion point. It covers the first few lines of your text immediately after the topic.

You may write it as a thought, a question, or a quote. Let the background be informative but also comprehensible. It transitions to your thesis statement which contains your defense. It is the point launching platform for your persuasion story. These first three parts of your essay are crucial in winning the hearts of your readers. If they agree with your view at this point, you will win in the rest of the essay.

How to begin a persuasive essay

Image Credit: Pexels

Organizing your arguments

Once you are done with the first part, the next part is to organize your points in the body. This is the place where you present all your points in detail. In this part, you need to argue three main points in three paragraphs. Decide whether you want to stay neutral or lean on the supporting or opposing side. Each paragraph can stand alone but you need the best point in each.

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Based on the side you choose, begin to give evidence point by point. Ensure you exhaust the points in a way that you will be certain the reader will be convinced. In your argument, you must use scientific research to support them. Open the paragraph by stating the point. Next, give your supporting information and then conclude the paragraph. Do the same with the next two paragraphs.

Crowning your points

The last section of your essay involves concluding your points. You must start by concluding the statement you gave during the introduction. Revisit the points you’ve just argued in the body and conclude them briefly. You may address any issues you feel need to be researched. The topic may have strong opposing points. You can briefly address the issue.


Persuasive essays are designed to convince a reader to agree with your stance. You do this by cunningly telling stories that impact the psychology of the reader. You need to use good research combined with great arguments to make them change their stance. Above all, pay attention to the structure and write skillfully.

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