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Wear that Smile Confidently: Perfect Teeth with Perfect Hygiene



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Smiling is a natural reaction to positive situations or a default reaction to uncomfortable or uncertain situations. There are many benefits to smiling, both physically and mentally, but smiling requires confidence. Some people tend to smile to themselves or force their lips closer together if they aren’t confident about their teeth. For example, people with buck teeth usually force their lips over their teeth to smile. While these are natural conditions, some people may have confidence issues because of them. Around 22.9 percent of the Australian population face severe oral health conditions, and most adults have at least one dental disease at some point in their lives. Every Dentist in Brisbane reports that at least 4.5 per cent of these oral problems occur in children. People globally give a lot of importance to their hygiene, but not as much to their oral hygiene.

The teeth are some of the most substantial parts of a body. They can grind, chew and bite through most materials. They don’t require too much attention, but regular upkeep goes a long way in maintaining them. Every Dentist in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and other significant parts of Australia report that the primary reason for dental problems is low maintenance. Dental problems rarely show themselves unless they reach the critical stage, so people need to visit their dentists regularly to ensure optimal oral hygiene. If you’re interested in getting perfect teeth, check out this female dentist In Melbourne.



Oral hygiene is relatively easy to maintain if people religiously follow these steps recommended by dentists globally,

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Brush Twice A Day

While many people debunk this as a marketing scam for toothpaste, brushing twice a day is essential. The best time to brush the teeth is after meals. Brushing in the morning gets rid of all the germs collected in the mouth in the night, and brushing after the last meal ensures there is no food stuck between the teeth. The latter especially leads to cavities and bacterial growth in the mouth.

Brush Thoroughly

Brushing teeth should last for at least 2 minutes, and one should brush all sides of the teeth. Using soft bristles ensures there is no accidental damage to the teeth.

Floss Daily

Flossing is just as important as brushing, as dental floss can go between the teeth for thorough cleaning.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is an essential mineral for maintaining the enamel of the teeth. The enamel is a coating that protects the teeth from most germs.

Limit Acids

Acidic foods are a bane to teeth. Acids in fruits, juices and other edibles can soften the enamel leading to sensitivity. Acids degrade the teeth over time.

Limit Sugar

A piece of often-repeated dental advice would be to cut down sugary and carbonated drinks. These materials erode the tooth and speed up tooth decay.

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Protect from Injury

Wearing a mouthguard when indulging in extreme physical activities can help protect the teeth from any accidental damage. It also protects the gums.

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Gums Matter

Oral hygiene is not just about teeth. Massaging gums gently also helps maintain them and improves the longevity of the teeth.

Only for Food

Using one’s teeth to open cans, bottles, or nuts can damage the teeth irreversibly. Teeth are meant to chew and eat food, and it is best to limit them to that activity.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

Oral problems rarely become noticeable until they are severe. Tooth decay and cavities affect more than 15% of adults in Australia. Visiting a Dentist in Brisbane every month can ensure early identification of oral problems and stop their growth.

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