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All About Pixwox – A Key To Access Content On Instagram




Instagram is one of the most common social media platforms where people connect, share their activities, upload pictures, do live events, share reels, and much more. Billions of people are active on Instagram from all around the world. To access Instagram you have to log in to it from your Gmail account or through Facebook ID. There are some situations when you want to get access to some content but anonymously, without logging in. You want to download pictures, videos, or reels but don’t want to log in. In such a situation, Pixwox will make your day. In this article, we will discuss Pixwox, how to use it, its advantages and disadvantages, and its alternatives.

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox is the Instagram viewer application or software that allows and enables you to watch and download the content, directly to your device, without logging in to your account and even you can do it anonymously. It is easy to use and beneficial. You can download Instagram posts, reels, videos, or anything you want.

Pixwox is really simple and helpful for you. It is also an Instagram profile viewer. You can search the other user’s profile by using it. In the search bar write the user name to whom you want to stalk and click the search icon. Here you can watch his or her videos without knowing them.

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How you can access Pixwox?

If you want to download or view content on Instagram without logging in or viewing others anonymously, then Pixwox is for you. Now let’s access it in simple steps:

  • Open your browser and go to the search tab.
  • Search
  • Here you will get the interface of Pixwox.
  • You will see a search bar there. Just click on it, enter your query or what you want to watch or another person’s user name, and search for it.
  • Now you will get the profile that you want to view. Click on it and watch the content that they have uploaded.

Here you can not only watch or view the desired pictures and videos but also download them to your device.

The other name of Pixwox is Picnob. If you search you will also be redirected to the same website, where you can generally stalk other profiles.

How to Download Content by using

By using Pixwox you can download and view content because it acts as an Instagram viewer and downloader, both. Let’s check how it works to download content to your device. Following are the simple steps that you need to follow while downloading the content:

  • Go to your regular Browser, and search for the official site
  • Here you will see the interface of this amazing website, where you find a search bar in front of you. Just click on it.
  • Type the Username that you want to stalk or download their content, and press the enter button.
  • Now your desired profile is in front of your eyes. Click on it. View the content.
  • When you are watching the video, there will be a download icon above every post.
  • Click on that download icon and your desired content will be downloaded.
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In this way, you can use Pixwox as a downloader software.

Advantages of

As a social media user, there are many things that you want to save on your device. Here are some benefits of using Instagram downloader software:

View and Download Content

As mentioned above, it’s a viewer and downloader so the main benefit of this website is that you can view and download anything you want easily and in one step.

Not specific for a person

This downloader can be used by anyone. It is free of cost. You don’t need any kind of permission or access request to access it. So everyone can use it.

Access without Login

As there is no permission needed to use it, you can also use it without logging in to your Instagram account. Just go to their website, search, and download content.

Safe to Use

Pixwox is really safe to use. When you view other’s content or download it, it will remain confidential and private. You can work on it anonymously.

Drawbacks of Pixwox

There are a lot of advantages of Pixwox however some drawbacks have been also faced while using

  • You may find a few options, but not a wide variety is available on it
  • Sometimes you search for a file and it doesn’t show or find that so it has limited access.
  • Many negative reviews also come from many users
  • Some people use such apps or software for criminal activities. So it is really difficult to handle such situations.

These are the main drawbacks of so take care while using any this kind of website and make sure it does not harm you at any point.

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Alternatives of

Like there are many alternatives on the internet. If you want to download some content and your Pixwox is creating any issues or you face any kind of difficulty, Don’t worry, move to its alternatives and do your work. Here are some alternatives to

  • Instastoriesviewer
  • Dumpor
  • Izuum
  • Instadump
  • IMGInn Instagram Video Downloader
  • 4k Stogram
  • Instastories. pro
  • StoriesIG

These are all the alternatives that allow you to view and download Instagram content. You can do it anonymously and without login.

Conclusion also known as is a Instagram viewer or downloader tool. It is really easy and safe to use and hides your recognition. You can use it without logging in to your Instagram account. It allows you to watch content anonymously. It is free of cost and available for anyone. If you need to download any reels or videos on your devices, just use them. How to access it and how to download content are discussed above. As it has many advantages but some drawbacks are also seen so be alert while using it or any kind of its alternative. If you are facing any issues while using Pixwox, then search for its alternatives. These alternatives are also used for downloading and viewing content from Instagram without logging in. Keep in mind, always be careful while using this kind of website regarding security and criminal activities.

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