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11 Plumbing Myths Responsible for Financial Harm Revealed



Plumbing Myths

Home-ownership is a great liability, no doubt. Keeping an eye over everything that might concern your home maintenance is a must, and plumbing is one of the trickiest tasks for households. On the other hand, the right approach to plumbing with the right tools can save you from unpredictable disasters. Thus, you can lead a comfortable life if you follow the appropriate plumbing tricks and seek the right plumbing assistance.

However, cheap DIY tips can seem beneficial for a while, but they might be affecting your plumbing counterparts in the long run. In case you take the help of these plumbing myths, you might end up corroding the plumbing equipment. As a result, you have to spend more money on replacing and reinstalling those fixtures, again and again. Here, we have got such popular plumbing myths that might cost you a lot of money. Let’s check them out.

1. You can Flush Anything that Claims to be Flushable

Be it paper towels or flushable wipes, and we have come across different flushable products to date. But, the fact is that they might not be flushable to the fullest as they claim to be. Anything that seems flush-worthy can cause blockages in the toilet pipes. Thus, Plumbing services in Dubai are getting high in demand due to these flushable products.

So, check the product and its extent of dissolution before flushing them. Whether it is a baby-wipe or feminine hygiene products, make sure that they are completely flushable or not. Otherwise, the result might be a clogged toilet, and it would require proficient plumbing services in Dubai. To be on the safe side, consider throwing these products (both flushable and non-flushable) in the dustbin. Because the toilet is not the place where you can dispose of them.

2. Drain Cleaners are Made for Cleaning the Disposal

We know that the garbage disposal at your home might be a bit stinky. And, you have been using drain cleaners to eliminate the odours. Additionally, you think that it keeps the disposal clean. However, the drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage the metallic parts of your disposal. Moreover, they can damage the pipes of the garbage disposal.

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In case you want to avoid the severe consequences of drain cleaners, you can try some domestic hacks. Instead of chemical cleaners, you can use baking soda and vinegar to wipe away the food chunks stuck in the garbage disposal. However, using more acidic products can lead to the corrosion of the counterparts. Make sure that you dispose of foods only after slicing them into chunks.

3. In-Tank Cleaners Make your Toilet Sparkling

In-Tank cleaners are famous among people for keeping the toilets clean and fresh with every flush. All you need to do is dip the in-tank cleaner into the toilet tank, and with every flush, the toilet would be cleaned automatically. Well, such in-tank cleaners contain bleach and bleaching agents make the cleaning easy. But, is it really effective and harmless for your toilet?

Yes, you are relieved from the frequent toilet-brushing chaos when you are using the in-tank cleaners. But, you might be missing out on how much damage these bleaching agents are causing to the toilet. The bleach can wear down the parts of your toilet and its pipes.

Additionally, they can generate build-ups in the toilet. So, there is no point in using these in-tank cleaners when you are receiving the same build-ups. Rather than relying on these chemicals, you can use plain white vinegar down the toilet. It’s effective in controlling the damage to the toilet.

4. The Plunger is the Only Tool to Recover a Clogging

Well, if you are considering the clogging of your toilet, then yes, it is. A plunger is a fastest and secure way to get rid of a clogged toilet. But, the same is not true for a clogged sink. While trying with a plunger, the water can splash out from here and there, from the sink. Plunging up and down can elevate the obstruction, and it can create a hard-to-clean mess.

The risk can go double when it comes to double sinks. While plunging the clogged sink, make sure that you cover the other sink, or else it can flood your home. On the other hand, skip pouring any kind of drain cleaner before you use the plunger. If the drain cleaner comes up, then it can lead to injuries or even blindness. To keep the risk at a minimum level, you can use a claw tool to eliminate the obstruction in the sink pipes.

5. A Noisy Water Heater can Blow up at Any Moment

In case you can hear abrupt sounds from your water heater, then you might think that it’s going to be faulty very soon. But, it’s not always true. A rumbling water heater is fine until you can find any electrical disturbances associated with the water heater. Otherwise, the old water heater can produce such noises.

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However, if the water heater has generated sediment layers, then the noise is natural. The water inside the water heater is just trying to pass through the numerous sediment layers. The sediment layers are the result of years of build-up. You can experience water bubbles at most from the heater. And, the heater is not going to explode if you don’t witness any electrical malfunction.

6. As Long as Water Passes down the Drain, there’s no Worry

People might make a mistake by assuming that there is no trouble with the plumbing system because the drains show up with no problem. However, plumbing issues aren’t born overnight. If you drain or flush away wet wipes, large foods then issues with the plumbing lines are just a matter of time. On the other hand, cat litters or similar waste can clog up the drains.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter how much water you can drain through these pipes. For best practices, you should break up thick foods into smaller pieces so that it doesn’t end up clogging the drains. In addition to this, you can place a strainer over the drain to keep debris such as hair strands out of the pipes.

7. Ice Cubes are Ideal for Keeping the Disposal Blades Sharp

First, the garbage disposal has two grooves that resemble teeth, and they are called impellers, they are not literally blades. However, putting ice cubes into the garbage disposal would just keep the impellers clean and nothing else.

The ice cubes have nothing to do with sharpening the impellers. But, you need not waste ice cubes in order to sharpen them. In addition to ice cubes, eggshells can do the same for disposal. When you are using eggs for cooking, just throw the shells into the disposal. And, you need not pay extra effort for cleaning the impellers.

8. Hot Water is Efficient in Wiping out the Grease

No wonder your cooking pans get grease after the hustle and bustle in the kitchen, and you remove the grease away in the sink. Consequently, the wiped down grease from the pans go through the pipes and stick to the pipes and drains. If you have heard that hot, boiling water can melt them down, then you are misguided.

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The hot water doesn’t help the grease to flow down the pipes. In addition to this, when the hot water cools down, it leaves a residue in the pipe. The grease might get hardened. No wonder this thick coat of grease inside the pipe can clog the drain; the pipes can burst at any time. Therefore, you can collect the grease from your pan and dispose of them in a container. This habit would save the pipes from grease.

9. Lifetime Warranties have Got your back

Have you ever purchased plumbing equipment through bait and switch? You might have noticed that plumbing products now offer lifetime warranties. So, you can replace and reinstall those fixtures if they go faulty. However, it might seem a beneficial deal, but it might cost you more money.

On the other hand, such products are comparatively cheaper than other plumbing products available in the market. When they break, you use the warranty policy and get a replacement. The products might be for free, but you have to pay the installation charge every time you call the technician. Save yourself from this marketing art and invest in high-quality products that will last years after years.

10. Plumbers can Save you only after a Plumbing Disaster Takes Place

If you feel the same way, then you are overlooking the plumbing maintenance around your home. Well, plumbers can save you from emergency plumbing situations. But, they are not only destined for appearing at your place when any plumbing issue draws your attention. Plumbing issues can arrive unexpectedly, and it can lead to bigger issues, especially when you have access to a single toilet and bathroom.

Play it safe and avail plumbing services for around the year. Make sure that you fix a contract with renowned plumbing service providers. It would keep your home plumbing system under constant inspection. Plumbers can easily identify the issues even before they bother you, and they can fix them, as well. As a result, you will be on the safe side, and it would save you money, too.

11. A Leaky Faucet is no Tantrum

In case one of the faucets is leaking, it might not appear a serious issue to you. But, we have found this as one of the most alarming home plumbing myths. A small leakage in the faucet wastes gallons of water. And, we all know that we have limited sources of drinking water. According to the latest statistics, the amount of water wastage through a leaky faucet is almost equivalent to 270 cycle loads in a washing machine. Well, that’s huge.

When you are doing so many things for the sake of the environment, overlooking a dripping faucet is not something that you should encourage. Additionally, you are spending money in the form of water. So, call in a plumber and repair the leaky faucet for taking the right control in your hand.

Be Careful; Plumbing Jobs are not DIY…

If you think that you can fix a leak, then we are sure that you can. But, plumbing tasks require expertise and experience. If anything goes wrong, then the entire water supply can get contaminated. So, instead of taking risks, avail plumbing services from certified professionals before it gets too late.

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