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Premium Floor Tiles



Premium Floor Tiles

When the flooring is chosen, the following elements fully converge such as usability, the similarity with the architectural space, the proportion of harmony with the area of ​​the space, appropriate to the structural characteristics of each room, is enough for me to know that you are really intelligent and very intelligent.


In order not to “get dizzy” when choosing flooring or cladding for buildings, the best way is that we establish a certain number of principles, “varnish” accordingly, and apply the greatest flexibility to each one.


Specific conditions:


Select floor tiles first to determine their usage characteristics:

The first is to determine the correct usability. This is one of the most important factors. Accordingly, depending on the function and requirements of each space, we will choose the appropriate material. For example, if it is flooring for the bathroom, the type you choose must meet the requirements of water resistance, waterproof, easy to clean, non-slip.

Choose tiles similar to architectural space:

Compared to you, an architect is a person who knows more about the homogeneity of the architectural space, thus proposing the most appropriate materials, attending to aesthetics, spirit, and style of expression.


Ideas in space:


This is a very important factor in showing that beauty should go hand in hand with fit. Although one type of tile is beautiful, when applied to a specific space, it is not certain that it will fulfill the function of ensuring aesthetics. For example, in areas that need light or lack of light, even if you “like your eyes” you should not choose a dark digital floor tiles pattern, places that should be dignified like a church room should choose colored tiles. While freedom is the style that can be applied to a child’s room, outdoor spaces such as a garden may choose to use sidewalk tiles, neutral-colored marble tiles, which create high friction.

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 Choose tiles in harmony with the area of ​​the space:


As a factor that requires special attention when selecting and tiling, the proportion of tiles must be in harmony with the area and space. More specifically, for tight spaces, it is not advisable to choose tiles that are too large because it will create an unattractive feeling, also, when the construction will also have to cut many tiles, create many circuits, thus causing losses. Beauty on the contrary, for large surfaces, it is not advisable to choose pavements of a reduced size such as 300 × 600 pavements, once the pavement is finished, the surface will cut into many pavements during construction. it will also be difficult to flatten it because there are too many circuits.

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The Most Simple Ceramic Tile:


Ceramic tiles are one of the quality finishing materials with beautiful patterns, affordable prices, and are preferred by many Indian consumers. There are many tiles manufacturers or suppliers to discover the basics for buying tiles quickly, safely, and properly.


Good building materials play an important role in ensuring construction quality and safety. Ceramic tiles are used by many Indian families because it is a product made in India with quality and design that are not inferior to imported ceramic tiles. In this article, Inspirati0on by top tiles brands will share with you the fastest but most suitable tile options.


Choose the right tiles for your use:


When choosing paving stones, the first factor to consider is the conformity of the product with the function of the space used. This is the most important principle that determines the quality of the tiles. In each project, each house is divided into many rooms with different positions with different levels and roles, it is necessary to build on that to choose the appropriate tiles. For example, tiles of large size, bright colors, and smooth surface will be the right choice for the living room space, and the bathroom requires a high roughness to avoid slipping.


Choose the right tiles for the architectural space:

Another factor that customers should be concerned about when choosing tiles is the suitability of the tiles to the space used. It will be difficult to choose a type of tiles that will fit the entire space. For example, in the bedroom area, we should choose tiles to create a feeling of intimacy and warmth.

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Choose tiles suitable for the size of the room:

First, you need to base the floor area, wall height to choose the appropriate tile size. For small rooms, you should choose tiles, tiles with moderate sizes, and vice versa. Currently, tiles are also of different sizes: 800×800, 600×600, 400×400 diversifies options to meet the needs and wants of consumers.

If you choose a tile size suitable for the area of ​​the room, your house will be very perfect and very aesthetic. Visit the top tiles supplier to choose the most suitable tiles, ensuring the best quality and price.


Color of the Tiles:

Choose the color of the tiles, furniture for the house:

For those who are in a situation of destitution, it is advisable to use tiles, wall tiles, or other wooden furniture with blue and turquoise tones combined with dark blue and black colors. According to the feng-shui concept, black water gives birth to Moc, which is good for the health and fortune of the owner of the family owner. Also, the use of dark green colors will create a feeling of closeness to nature, fresh and airy space. This green color also creates a calm and peaceful soul in the owner.

Note: The family owner should avoid using white and iridescent colors that will not be good for the family’s fate.

Choose the color of the tiles, furniture Blue and black are the homeowner owner’s destination colors, but not necessarily when the interior design only uses these two colors. You can combine different colors to create harmony. You can use the destination color to make accent details, create an impression.

Choose the color of the tiles, furniture for the home:

The owners of the fire destination should use red, pink, and purple colors when designing the interior. But to make the family space more harmonious and eye-catching, it should be combined with the green of the leaves to make the house more attractive.

Choose the color of the tiles, furniture for the owner tho:

The destiny colors of Fire are white, grey, cream very suitable for the development and daily life of the practitioners of Earth.

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Using the factors that characterize the fate of the Earth in the house, the owner will always have certainty, abundant energy.

There are many ways to choose homeowner interior design colors according to each different destination. If you need advice on choosing tiles.

Pending to use:

For narrow apartments, you need to choose a minimalist design.

For apartments with limited area, this is the factor that causes difficulties in the interior layout.

Especially when you use a rental apartment, space becomes more limited. You cannot arbitrarily renovate the inherent design of that apartment. However, fortunately, you can choose, rearrange and reposition the interior of your home. The design of the rooms in the house should always be as simple as possible, neat, limiting the angle and occupying the floor area of ​​the interior.

Select bright tiles in light colors:

The bright colors of tiles and wall tiles can help expand the interior space of your home. The morning season can fool the vision, making us feel more comfortable.

Add small and thin motifs in the interior design process, you should not ignore small and fragile details. This has the effect of making the interior space more spacious.

Larger windows for narrow apartments:

If your sight has an implausible wide angle of view, take it and use it to make it a starting place for the window. A great view makes your home space seem more open and spacious than ever.

Certainly, with the advice we have just given you, you will design the interior design of your modest apartment to be much more spacious. If you need help choosing the right look tile.

Tiles For Room With Small Area:

There are many ways to make a narrow room more spacious, such as using interior design methods, painting walls, or using ceramic tiles.

For homes with small areas, using interior design methods, wall paint colors, and choosing the right tiles will help you create a sense of space expansion effectively. In the following article, we would like to share with you our experiences in choosing the right ceramic tiles for houses with a modest area, consult together.

Choose the size of the ceramic tiles:

According to experts, if your room is disproportionately large, it is best to choose rectangular ceramic tiles such as ceramic 600×600 tiles that will help you easily handle non-square areas.

If the room has an area of ​​about 15ft. or more, you should use ceramic tiles in the size of 600×600 ceramic tiles. For a small room, you should use a large glossy ceramic tile that will expand the space, on the contrary, if you use a small room with small tiles, it will make the room even more. much more frustrating and stuffy.

Choose ceramic tiles with light color:

Using ceramic tiles with light colors will help create the feeling that the house becomes much more spacious and airy. In particular, if you use ceramic tiles with a bright background when reflected with light, the room will increase the area. Not only that, but the light-colored tiles also work as a background to highlight other furniture in the room.

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