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Received a PFA in Pennsylvania? Find more about the hearing



protection from abuse attorney

Protection From Abuse Orders, simply called PFAs, in Pennsylvania are issued to prevent abuse or domestic violence from happening. Anyone who is or was close to you can get a PFA against you by providing evidence they have or are likely to suffer harm from you. Once you get a PFA, the first step is to read it carefully. There will be some key details in the PFA, including the date and time of the final hearing. You have that much time to work on your case and present evidence, witnesses, and your defense. It is absolutely important that you engage in protection from abuse attorney in PA at the earliest.


Follow the PFA

Never ever do anything that may violate the PFA. If you do so, the police could frame criminal charges, and that could have a cascading effect on your life. You may have to hand over your guns and arms to the police if the order says so. Also, you have certain rights, including the right to have an attorney and the right to present evidence and bring witnesses. Do not contact your accuser under any circumstances, including contact over online platforms or through friends and family members. Violation of a PFA in Pennsylvania gives police the authority to arrest you.

Get a PFA defense attorney

Remember that the hearing is your chance to get the temporary PFA dismissed. The accuser is expected to present their case and prove that they have committed abuse, for which they may bring witnesses and share evidence. Your PFA defense attorney will present the case to prove otherwise. There are law firms that specialize in handling PFA cases and have years of credible experience defending clients. Look for experience and expertise when comparing attorneys, and ensure they have the time.

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What to expect at the final hearing?

After listening to the arguments, the court may either give a Final PFA Order or may dismiss the existing temporary PFA. You are required to be present at the final hearing in person, and if you intend to bring witnesses, they should be present too. Also, not all types of evidence are admissible at the PFA hearing; therefore, work with your attorney to ensure that you have a strong case. Your lawyer can check whether your witnesses will hold or whether the evidence is relevant to the matter.

Ask your attorney how you can prepare better.

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