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Public Transport Traffic Collisions and Car Crash Lawyers: An Overview



Public Transport Traffic Collisions

In 2020, 1,505 individuals were killed or wounded on buses or trains, according to the Department of Transportation. This demonstrates how prone these automobiles are to collisions. This is true regardless of whether they were driven carelessly or not. Public transportation accidents often increase such dangers since buses and trains do not always carry seat belts.

You may think that public transportation is safe. However, it is not that safe. People have gotten injured on city buses. Moreover, some people have been injured by public transportation in the past. Therefore, who do you sue when public transportation hits you? Moreover, how can you claim damages when a city bus injures you on the road?

In addition, you should know that public transportation cases involve negligence. Therefore, you will have to prove that the defendant was negligent during the crash. Moreover, you will also have to prove that you did not get hurt intentionally. This is the only way to win this case.


What Are Public Transport Accidents?

In general, public transportation is relatively safe. You can use this for a commute to work and from work. Moreover, there is rarely an incident involving public transport. However, it’s not unheard of, and it can be dangerous. In addition, hundreds of personal injury claims involve train or public bus accidents every year in the USA.

For example, if you are traveling by train or subway and come to a sudden halt, you can get injured. Therefore, you can sue the city for personal damages and medical bills. You could claim the rightful compensation from the court, and for this, the local transportation authorities/city would have to pay for your damages.

Moreover, suppose you are traveling by bus and get into an accident, you can also claim compensation from the city. Moreover, if you get hit by a city bus, the court will order the city to pay you for your medical bills.

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Thousands of people get into road accidents every year. Therefore, hundreds of them involve public transport as well. Here are the top forms of public transport injuries:

  • Trains
  • Taxis
  • Coaches
  • City buses
  • Trams
  • Subway

What Are Public Transport Accident Injuries?

Here are the top ways people can face injuries by public transport:

  • Commuters can tumble, slip, or fall over on a bus due to the driver’s negligence.
  • The crash between a small-sized car and a huge bus can cause a whiplash and injure you.
  • Passengers can also face broken bones and cuts during a train crash.
  • You can easily get hurt when you step on public transport, and the driver doesn’t wait for you to sit down before stepping on the gas.
  • Similarly, commuters can get hurt if they fall on a subway platform. This is often a result of maintenance negligence.
  • If a bus drives into your car, you can get seriously injured.

What Should You Know About Common Carrier Law?

The Common Carrier Law covers any crashes involving public transportation, such as a city bus. In addition, a common carrier is an individual or a business that offers transportation services for a fee. Moreover, this business or individual is also licensed to offer services to the public. In addition, the local government body regulates these services.

Common carriers come in a variety of shapes, such as private companies and authorized public authorities. Here are the topmost modes of transportation that reside under the umbrella of the common carrier law:

  • School buses
  • Trains
  • Trams
  • Taxis
  • Cruise ships
  • Cable cars
  • Ferries
  • Tour Boat
  • Airplanes
  • Limousines

All the common carriers are required to show responsibility towards the passengers and non-passengers. This means that they cannot be negligent. Therefore, common carriers have to operate under reasonable care. Moreover, these drivers must be efficient and vigilant for the safety of passengers and the public around transportation.

According to law, speeding, maintenance failure, incomplete driver training, and a lack of sleep can constitute negligence. If a bus accident happens due to the reasons mentioned above, the company or the government authority will have to pay the victim. Moreover, public transportation accidents range from personal injury to wrongful death tort law.

How Can You Claim Compensation for Public Transport Injuries?

If you have become a victim of a public transport accident, you need to understand how to move forward. Therefore, you need to find out whom you can file a case against in this case. Moreover, you need to understand the parties responsible for paying for the injuries you sustained. You also need to understand the authorities that will compensate for your medical bills.

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You may think that the drivers are responsible. However, they are not. Such drivers are only treated as the employees of different transport companies. Therefore, the company itself is liable for your compensation.

Moreover, the transport company must ensure that their vehicles are safe for everyone. This is why if you get hurt in a public transport accident, you can claim damages from the parent company. If a public city bus injures you on the road, you can claim damages from the city.

How Long Do You Get to Make a Personal Injury Claim?

Some companies offer a “claim time” of 180 days (six months.) However, most laws allow you to make a claim up to three years after the incident. Therefore, you must immediately contact a lawyer and file a personal injury claim against the responsible parties.

Sometimes, your case will involve a public transportation company. You will have to provide an official deadline to alert the company of the actual case. Moreover, there are also shortened deadlines for filing personal injury claims against public transportation companies.

However, there are also limits on damages in public transportation injury claims. Therefore, you cannot get as much money as you want from the responsible parties. Similarly, there are limits for such claims against the state or government bodies.

These caps vary from state to state. However, you should know that these are very low. Therefore, you can only get USD 100,000 or less from the majority of these cases.

What Can You Do After Public Transport Crashes into You?

If you or a close relative were driving and were hit by a bus or other public transit unit, you may be entitled to damages. A public transit accident lawyer can assist you in identifying the responsible party and working to ensure that you and your relatives seek retribution and a fair payment.

An automobile collision involving a public transit vehicle can be far more devastating than a typical automobile accident, resulting in traumatic injuries and significant property loss. A lawyer can hold the person or parties responsible for their actions and protect your entitlements.

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Every year, up to 50 million people are injured as a consequence of traffic accidents. This is more than the total population of the world’s two most populous cities. It is necessary to seek medical attention after any vehicle collision.

Since head, neck, and spinal injuries are prevalent in automobile accidents, a thorough medical examination is required. Furthermore, some injuries might take many months to emerge. So, you should be examined in case you need to establish that your injuries are related to the collision later. At this moment, your health is a top priority.

After the medical examination, contact a skilled car accident lawyer immediately. They can help identify the liable parties. Moreover, they can get you rightful compensation and ensure that you can easily cover your bills and damages.

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