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Sell your Home Quickly by Staging



Sell your Home

The property market in Australia is always lively, with properties changing hands every day and with so many homes for sale, it is definitely a buyer’s market at the moment. It makes total sense to be very selective when investing in a home, we all want the best deal and one effective way to encourage a quick sale is to stage your home.

How does home staging work?

The stager has warehouses of top-quality furniture, fixtures and fittings and a professional home stylist works with the client to create a setting that shows off the true potential of the property. If you want the first viewer to make an offer, let the home stager work their magic on your property. Sometimes, home staging is a win-win; if you add the cost to your asking price, then the project hasn’t cost you anything.

Flexible terms

You can stage your home for one month and long leases go up to 3 years; a corporation might have a property staged for a top management employee who is relocating under contract and the furnishings will remain for the duration of his stay. In the upper rental market, home staging can turn an empty house into one that is ready for immediate occupation, which is a popular choice for some property owners.

Staging to sell

If your goal is a quick sale, invite a home stylist to show you a few stunning interior designs that can be tailored to suit a property. You might set yourself a goal of 3 months in which to sell your home and a property can be transformed within 72 hours of calling the company in. Once you have accepted an offer, the staging can be terminated, or for a price, the new owner can acquire everything; imagine a couple arriving to view and they are so impressed with what they see, that they offer to buy the property complete with all the furniture, fixtures and fittings. The home staging company is always prepared to work out a deal and if the acquisition will seal the deal, something can be worked out. Normally, the staging is temporary and everything is removed once the property has been sold, but everything is possible. Click here for a comprehensive roof maintenance checklist.

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Show your home’s true potential

With an interior designer and an unlimited supply of furniture, you can work wonders with any property and potential buyers do not have to use their imagination to see the potential of your home, as the interior designer has created a stunning setting. If you are buying and selling property, we advise you to seek out an experienced conveyancing solicitor to ensure that all is above board when you exchange contracts.

If you would like to learn more about home staging, an online search will take you to the website of an established Australian home staging outfit and you can consider the many options; they offer a diverse range of packages to suit every budget and they are very flexible and usually achieve the client’s goals to sell the house in a timely manner.

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