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5 Reasons to Consider Online Tutoring



Online Tutoring

There has been a drastic shift in education from physical to online during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even now, when it looks like the pandemic is getting over, one thing is for sure, online education is here to stay. It is difficult to say when schools and other educational institutions will open in full swing again.

That is why it is for the best that we adapt and make optimal usage of online education. This shift has been difficult for students of all ages. But we are slowly learning to adjust to this new normal. With this, more unique opportunities have also emerged in this sector. Now, we can learn almost everything from the internet – from basic math to high-level coding.

Besides school-going online, tuitions have also moved to virtual platforms. Online tutoring is a boon in times when everything is changing so fast, and students might need some extra help to cope. It is with this intention that online tutoring is growing and growing well at that. It is the need of the hour. So, if you are wondering if you should take up online classes or not, this article tells you the various ways in which online tutoring benefits students.


Kind of interaction:

In online school classes, students might have difficulty interacting with their teachers and peers, given the new mode of learning. It is anyway difficult for some children to speak freely in front of the whole class. That is why online tutoring stands strongly with the children who might be shy and works closely with them for their betterment.

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Online tutoring offers one-on-one interaction. Through it, students get personal and constant attention. If the tutors notice any lag, they start working on them without any delay. They also offer proper and detailed feedback that can help students in getting better. A good relationship between a student and their tutor also facilitates better learning.


In the online school, it is difficult to hold each student accountable for not doing their homework. There are so many students and virtually checking their homework is next to impossible. So, there is a reduced sense of accountability in children. They can easily avoid a homework session and get away with it.

With online tutoring, students can be easily held accountable for the work they are allotted. This means that they cannot escape working on subjects easily. The one-on-one interaction cultivates seriousness and diligence in the minds of the students. They are also constantly given enough materials to practice their lessons.

Close monitoring:

Sometimes, common misconceptions are easily hidden within intricate steps. They don’t show up in the answers but get lost in the process of attempting the answer. In most cases, students sit with these mistakes for years and suffer the consequences. But in online tutoring, due to the close monitoring, these mistakes don’t get neglected.

With online tutoring, the foundation is strengthened. And when the foundation becomes strong, the child is able to solve complex problems easily.

Constant feedback:

Constructive feedback is essential to learning. Students are bound to make mistakes while learning, and hence they should receive constant feedback along the process. Only then can they learn from their mistakes.

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No matter how many worksheets they solve, if they don’t get feedback on time, students will never know how well they’ve understood the concept. That is why constant feedback, which is given best by online tutors, is essential for the academic growth of the students.

Personalized care:

Every student has a different speed of learning. But they all hold a great capacity to learn. That is why if a student is not scoring well, it might be the teaching process that is not suiting them. Students adapt to different kinds of teaching methods.

That is why in online tutoring, with the benefit of the free first session, students can sit with their assigned tutor and understand if the tutor’s teaching process works for them. This way, they don’t have to invest money in something that might not work for them.

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