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10 Reasons why Body Butter is Simply just Magic



Body Butter


Firstly, what is the difference between body butter and body lotion?

There’s a reason why they call it body butter.

Body lotion tends to be made of a more liquid type content, and is often watery.

Body butter on the other hand is more dense and thick and oh so creamy! Just like butter.. but for your skin.

10 Reasons why you should pamper yourself with Body Butter.

  1. The good ones are natural

There are a wide and diverse range of body butters on the market.

But the best ones are made from organic and cruelty-free products and come from a creditable company.

This means no harsh chemicals, no artificial components, or unknown factors.

Organic body butter is great for those with sensitive skin or allergies who are able to use them without worrying about having an allergic reaction.

They’re less likely to cause redness, swelling, or blotchy spots on your skin.

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The raw, organic health body butters get absorbed into your skin quickly and are super light and soft.

  1. They come in a range of sizes and scents.

Everyone has different tastes.

There is an assortment of scents to suit most tastes, whether it be floral or herbal.

Natural butters will give of that lovely fresh vibrant smell, which is better and less invasive than the artificial perfumed scents.

Some people may prefer a larger size in their bathrooms, or others may elect to have a smaller size for special occasions or as a travel item in their purse for upkeep and maintenance.

This product can cater to all tastes and requirements.

  1. You can remove make up with it.

A lot of the on-market make up removers have chemicals in them, which can cause your skin to become itchy, red and blotchy.

Some of the cheaper products may mean you actually have to scrub at your skin to get the makeup of, which is never fun when you just want to get it all of and jump into bed.

Just a few drops on a makeup remover pad and your make up is gone and your skin is left silky smooth, without the gunky residue or uncomfortable itching.

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  1. Your whole body will love it.

After your shower, treat yourself to an all-over body butter rub.

Take your time gently rubbing in that smooth product for a luxurious spa feel.

A mini massage with this lovely creation will help you feel hydrated, relaxed, and smell great.

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Freshly shaved legs will feel super smooth after being treated with a rub with body butter.

Don’t forget areas such as the underneath of your feet, elbows, knees, lips and neckline, and ears. These often get missed when people apply creams to their body’s.

  1. Even your hair will love it.

Our hair often gets stressed too!

It can dry out and become brittle and dull.

A few drops rubbed in your hair can help bring back the shine.

You can treat it as though it’s a conditioner, by leaving it in whilst you shower to soak into your hair and then wash it out when you’re ready to hop out and dry yourself.

  1. Pamper your hands.

You can use body butter as a hand cream and even your cuticles will love it.

Have a hand massage or pamper session with friends and enjoy the relaxing massage.

  1. Treat your feet.

After a long day, our feet often feel a little worse for wear.

Give your feet a gentle massage with some body butter to help de-stress from a hard day.

Over time, the underneath of our feet might become hard and have callouses.

Get the pumice stone out and rub away those hard tense parts and end it all with some lovely gentle body butter to make your feet feel ultra-cool and fresh.

For extra benefit, use body butter on your feet and put on some bed socks before bed.

You’ll wake up with happy smooth feet!

  1. It can help with scars and stretch marks.

There are ingredients in some body butter that can help replenish your skin and help with scars and stretch marks.

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The quality body butter will be packed with fatty acids and vitamins which give your skin a glow and help fix problem areas.

  1. It’s anti-ageing too!

Nothing can turn back time.

But a good body butter can assist in reducing those pesky wrinkles and fine lines.

It can also help fix uneven skin tone and assist with dark spots.

Don’t forget though, that you’re beautiful just the way you are.

Those fine lines are made from laughter, love, and experience and deserve to be celebrated.

  1. Even babies love it.

Your baby is super soft and tender to touch (and baby always has that special and lovely baby smell).

Be sure to pick a natural and organic product and check with the maker that it’s suitable for their soft and developing skin.

Massaging a baby with body butter can help with blood circulation and relaxation.

What’s the best way to use Body Butter?

  1. Hydrate your skin

Firstly, take a shower or bath to open up the pores of your skin and set the pace for some self-care pampering.

Shave your legs and other hairy areas you want to benefit from a bit of love.

Dry yourself, but allow just a smidge of moisture on your skin to allow the butter to roll onto your skin.

  1. Put on the body butter.

Use your fingers to slowly and gently massage the body butter onto your skin.

Areas that are dry and itchy may feel better straight away.

  1. Sit back all-natural for a bit.

Don’t rush to put on clothes as it may end up sticking to your clothes and you’ll feel uncomfortable.

  1. Sit back and enjoy the feeling.

Take your time to dress yourself and prepare for the day.

Enjoy that glowy feeling.

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