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Steps to Follow when Resigning from Working from Home Job



Working from Home Job


The task of resigning from a job, in general, can be challenging and stressful. It’s even more so when you’re working from home. Never fear. We’ve compiled a list to help you through this scary time.


  1. Figure out the amount of notice you need to give

The first step is to figure out what your contract requires you to do to give information. Most online jobs will require that you give between 1-2 weeks’ notice before your final day, but this can vary by employer and situation.

  1. Plan out your final day

Most employers will not expect you to do anything special on the last day of work, but it’s nice for them to know when they can expect you to be gone to make sure all outstanding tasks are taken care of by someone else in time. If there was a specific project that you were working on with clients, it might also help them plan if you let them know when exactly this project would be completed and when they should communicate following this date.

  1. Gather any documentation and personal belongings you might need

Depending on what type of workplace this is (in-house versus remote), it might be useful to access certain documents that are hard/impossible to get from home, for example, office keys, company credit card, company laptop, etc. Depending on how long you’re planning on staying in the office after work gets done for the day, you may also want to bring a change of clothes, so you don’t have to go home first.

  1. Have your manager help you clean out your work email account

This is probably the most boring task on this list, but it can be confirmed that you are truly gone if all of your notices are sent through the correct channels. You’ll want to start this step as early as possible because many employers will expect everything related to the company to be done through their official channels (i.e., not Facebook).

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 work email account

  1. Clean up your work email signature

It’s good to show that you’re putting the same effort into leaving as you did when you joined. Remove any references to your working relationship with the company – this includes things like your title, photo, and even the name of your business or LLC. You can learn more on how to prepare for resignation by visiting

  1. Communicate with current clients

This step is only necessary if active projects are going on at the time you leave. Depending on how established your business relationship is with the client(s), it may be a good idea to handle these communications by yourself instead of delegating them to someone else. If other employees have been working closely with clients, consider passing along contact information to provide continuity for clients as well.

  1. Turn in company property and sign company zenodo files

This step should be pretty self-explanatory, but just in case: make sure all equipment under your name (or account) is handed back appropriately and any additional copies of documentation needed by the company are returned. This includes things like spare laptop chargers, manuals, access cards/codes, etc.


Not every situation is the same when it comes to resigning from a job. The steps here are not exhaustive, so use your best judgment when taking time to prepare before giving notice. The last thing you want is for your resignation to cause problems with clients or other employees at the company.

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