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What Is the Role of Team Building In Personality Development?



Team Building In Personality Development

A company where every person works as an individual employee instead of a team is prone to errors. As it is said, teamwork is the best policy. An organization having individual employees not able to perform as a team, not understanding each other would just have a negative impact on productivity.

Managing hundreds with different backgrounds, cultures, and attitudes is havoc at times; this is when team building comes to the rescue.


What is team building?

Team building is a common phrase for different activities employed to improve social relations and establish roles among a team, constantly including collaborative efforts. Often people consider this as team training, where the goal is to work on efficiency instead of interpersonal relations.

After SARS-COV-2, work-life changes have proven effective; 64% of the organizations said virtual team setup is here for a long time. Team building is the key here to keep up the productivity. With time team activities will strengthen the bond, and almost 90% of people find it easier to put out their thoughts via virtual team building activities.

Why is personality an integral part of team building?

Personality is the most important concern for team-building efforts based on these points.

  • People have their own way of working
  • How productive a person can be in a team differs
  • Understanding working strategies can help each of us to contribute accordingly and effectively
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If your team’s personality is positive, you can achieve a lot from it. Like, there will be less dispute, and the communication flow will remain smooth throughout.

Which virtual activities to perform during this lockdown?

Pair-up activities

You can form teams and quiz about each other’s likings, which will help evaluate their current relationship and let them know about each other. Schedule a video conferencing and start with exchanging pleasantries. For the quiz, you need to prepare a list of interesting questions to keep the activity interactive.

Competing against other teams can help them understand the value of working together.

Virtual team building games 

Construct some games that have collaborative efforts. Making sure each individual is treated equally is important to create a healthy work environment. Construct some general knowledge quizzes to keep them updated and entertained at the same time. Virtual games add up to team building as they offer a good amount of time to spend with colleagues.

Steps for effective team building

  • Streamline communication – This aspect is vital in team building. Open access to communication can solve half the problems. There should be steady communication among team members and the organization. This way, they will know what the expectations are.
  • Keep your vision clear and make consistent efforts towards it – Defining goals is needed to initiate team building; you can’t skip it! The proper way to define the goal is by establishing substantial and measurable targets. This way, every employee will know how they are contributing to the organization.

 Other essential actions

  • Consider each employees opinion and discuss with them more often
  • Know about employees’ unsaid things.
  • Always be clear while interacting
  • Build trust and cooperation among teammates
  • Motivate team members to be vocal
  • Offer problem-solving activities to them
  • Establish some ground rules
  • Brainstorming sessions are helpful to let out ideas
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Team building is a procedure of boosting a team’s cohesiveness, efficiency, and productivity by designing activities that need employees to perform together. This process relies on a range of factors like goal clarity, sense of responsibility, shared leadership, and more for guaranteed success.

Moreover, organization leaders are required to be connected to their employees. Need help with it? Consult Jambar team building and solve your problems without much effort.

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