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Why Run a People Lookup Search with CheckPeople



People Lookup Search

Maybe you’re unfamiliar with these search websites; it’s a new and foreign term that you don’t understand. Perhaps you’d like to know how you can use them better. The truth is, using these websites has a wide variety of purposes. Although you shouldn’t run a background check on everyone you meet (after all, who has the time for that?), there are situations where using the service makes sense.

Here are eight reasons to perform a people lookup search with CheckPeople.


Before applying for a new job

Applying for a new job is stressful enough without wondering what your potential employer will discover in your background check. That’s why it’s always a wise idea to get the formal report for your own review before they decide to run theirs. Completing your assessment gives you time to ensure everything posted is accurate and to fix any mistakes you happen to find. It also gives you the chance to see if you can change and improve upon (like delinquent accounts).

Trying to find someone online.

All you typically need is the name of the person you’re trying to find to get started. If you happen to have the first and last name, you’re on your way to finding the person you’ve been looking for. The more information you have about the individual, the better your odds of finding them will be. After all, knowing the city, address, or employment history of the person will make the search efforts much more straightforward than shooting into the dark.

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When you’d like to meet someone new

Online dating isn’t just tricky; it can be downright dangerous if you’re not careful. It makes sense to search for people before agreeing to meet with them in person. Most background check websites will include personal information about the person you’re trying to meet, along with any criminal activity you need to be aware of. There’s nothing worse than building a physical or emotional connection with someone to find out they have a dangerous or wreckless past you’d like to avoid.

If you’ve been a victim of identity theft

When you’ve noticed unauthorized transactions on your credit card statement, getting a hold of your background report could save you hundreds of dollars. Your file will contain all financial accounts registered in your name (including closed accounts). Check these accounts to ensure they’re the only ones you’ve opened. All balances should be where you left them, not near the maximum limits. Take note of any accounts that you don’t remember opening. The background check will include the open dates of these accounts, which can help you determine their validity.

Safeguarding your small business.

Starting your own business isn’t easy. When you’re looking to hire someone to help you with the company, you want to limit the potential liability that’s going to cause. Performing a people lookup search can help you safeguard your business by ensuring every employee that works for you is precisely who they say they are. You’ll be able to confirm criminal history, employment history, past financial decisions, and their eligibility to work in the country. If your position requires a post-secondary diploma, most reports will include that information as well.

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Protecting Your Real Estate Investment

Becoming a landlord isn’t without risks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize the likelihood of problems. It’s always a wise idea to perform a background check on tenants you’re considering. Pay close attention to the employment history and financial portion of the file. A decent tenant is going to have excellent credit with low balances. They may have a few missed payments, but overall, they’re going to take care of their financial health. Employment history can show you how long an individual has worked with a company. If there are significant gaps in employment, it may indicate potential problems collecting rent down the road.

Tracking down long-lost family members

Trying to find family members isn’t always an easy task. There’s often a reason they’ve disappeared from the family, making it difficult to get accurate and truthful answers. If a family member has seemingly disappeared, a people search can help track them down with the few pieces of information you may have on hand. It’s important to remember that some family members may act guarded or apprehensive about communicating, depending on why they left. As such, always proceed with caution when trying to reach out.

Finding out the truth about your neighbors

While it’s not a common reason for running a search, uncovering the truth about your neighbors isn’t always a bad idea. This method works exceptionally well before you’ve moved into a new residence, protecting you against bad investments. It’s also helpful when you’d like to confirm that neither of your neighbors is a repeat felon or registered sex offender. Always try to run these checks before moving into an area to ensure the best environment for you, your children, and close family members. There’s nothing worse than uncovering the truth about someone after it’s too late.

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