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Running Injuries And Tips In Prevention



Running Injuries


It’s Easy To Hurt Yourself

If you’re going to jog or run on a regular basis, there’s a high likelihood you’ll hurt yourself every now and again. It could just be a rolled ankle you have to deal with, or you might be impacted by shin splints. Worst of all, you could break a limb. While you may not be able to avoid all injuries, there are things you can do to prevent them; we’ll explore suggestions here.

  1. Don’t Be Too Ambitious

If you run everyday for two weeks, and you push yourself with each run, you don’t give your body time to recover. If you don’t give your body time to recover, some of the “pain” you’re feeling may not be the good type that comes with anaerobic exercise. It might not be lactic acid you’re feeling in your muscles, it could be shin splints you’re feeling in your bones.

Injuries develop when you improperly manage your body. This Podiatrist in Silverdale, Washington can help you fix your gait and have greater stamina in terms of walking ability. The issue you’re dealing with could be flat feet, or it could be something else regarding the foot. You might need orthotic solutions, or there could be other therapies that will help you.

Whatever the case, if you can address and rectify your running issues, there’s a higher likelihood you’ll avoid associated injury. If you’re simply running too much, and this is leading to shin splints by impacting bone not yet ready for that level of stress, all you’ve got to do is back off on your exercise regime a little.

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Instead of running every day for a week, run for three or four that are separated by other exercise days. Once you do that for a month or two, then, when it’s hard for you to push yourself too far on “off” days, start running daily. You’ve got to work up to that level first, though.

  1. Give Your Body The Fuel It Needs

Give Your Body The Fuel It Needs

You’ll want vitamins, and you’ll want water. There are exercise formulas you can drink for a little extra pep, workout smoothies, protein beverages, and more. Pre and post-workout solutions may be advisable; it will depend on the sort of workout you’re doing, your level of health, how long you go, and what your body needs specifically.

  1. Run Indoors And Transition, Or On Outdoor Paths Carefully

If you start running outdoors right away, you’re a lot more likely to incidentally roll an ankle. If you start running indoors first, you’ll help your bones develop to the point where you can handle rolling an ankle a little better. Certainly, you can start outside, and you might do fine; but you’re more likely to hurt yourself with uneven trails that involve variable surfaces.

When you get into that “runner’s high”, you’re not thinking clearly. There are all sorts or stories of runners getting “in the zone”, forgetting where they were, and jogging right off a cliff.

While the validity of such stories is difficult, one thing is sure: when you’re sweating and pushing yourself, you’re not thinking clearly. It’s a lot easier to misstep. If you’re new to jogging, starting indoors before moving outdoors can be wise.

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Maintaining Health And Bodily Strength During Runs

It’s really easy to hurt yourself running if you’re new to it, or not too familiar with what you’re doing. Don’t be too ambitious, provide your body with fuel requisite to recovery, and perhaps start running indoors on a treadmill before you decide to make the outdoor transition. But if things don’t go as planned and you’re on your way to wearing a walking boot and holding on to crutches, remember that there are more advice here that could help the recovery be more manageable.

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