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Sonu Sharma: Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Wife, Biography & Net Worth



Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma was born on November 11, 1981, into a Brahmin family in Faridabad, Haryana, India. He is from a middle-class family. He has a father who is a sluggish worker and a mother, a household worker. Throughout his existence, he has encountered numerous obstacles. He still needs to get the money for a hundred rupees in his wallet. His family’s financial plight was so worried that he would offer tuition to his private school to meet his family’s financial demands.

Sonu Sharma is a calming role model. He is a marketer by profession. He also amassed millions of followers on YouTube. The motivational speaker is also a part of his repertoire, and he regularly uploads inspirational videos that inspire the younger generation.

His innovative network marketing strategies have brought cash and fame quickly since 90% of people do not make money through network marketing. Still, He is the highest-earning person in India’s top network marketing business, Naswiz Retail. Pvt. Ltd. This is why many people are interested in knowing more about his company.


Early Life

On the eleventh of November 11, 1981, Sonu Sharma entered the world to a household from Faridabad, Haryana, that was comfortably middle class. He attended school through Dayanand public school in Faridabad. Although he was weak in school, his favorite course was accounting.

He graduated from Haryana and later became a CA. He had a hard time learning when he was a kid. Because of this, the 8th class was a failure, and 11th grade as well as during his first year at college.

Personal Life

Sonu Sharma was lucky enough to be married to a lady named Swati Sharma. In 2006, when Sonu Sharma was 25 years old, the happy couple sealed the knot. As a result of Sonu Sharma and his wife’s efforts, the couple now has two lovely girls. However, – is responsible for verifying their identities.

As a vegetarian, he strongly objects to any practice that involves killing animals. He said, in a quote from inspirational author Sonu Sharma, “Life is exceptional. When you take a good leap and work on your improvement, you can obtain it no matter what you want.


He was educated at Dayanand Public School in Haryana, India. Because he was weak, he was unable to pass 8th class 11th, and 12th classes and failed in his first year. But he strongly desired to study accounting and completed his at Dav College in Chandigarh, India. He was also able to pass the CA exams. However, he chose Network marketing for his job.

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Sonu Sharma’s early life Sonu Sharma was full of struggles due to financial hardships. Sonu Sharma began earning money as a tutor to help his family. Later, he took on CA to address his family’s financial problems. He didn’t know MLM or any other aspect of the Direct Selling Industry. When the day came for him to join Naswiz Retails on September 14, 2005, his life was transformed in only 16 days, and he emerged as the leading promoter for Nawaz.

He made 26 thousand rupees within the very first month of joining. He earned as high as 80 thousand rupees the following month, October. Then, his earnings grew to 60 thousand rupees by November. Earnings for the first four months are around 1 lakh and 24 thousand, which boosts his career as a network marketing professional as he is currently an expert in business and Direct Selling specialist. He is the crown ambassador for Naswiz Retails.

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At present, he is also in the position of the Founder and President of a company called Dynamic Indian Groups. Vestige Marketing. Pvt. Ltd., is where Sonu Sharma is presently employed, according to media reports. Sonu Sharma is one of the people who made his profession as a network marketer, as many have yet to be successful in this field. Sonu Sharma also launched a YouTube channel in 2016. He has also been an inspirational speaker who inspires millions of people across different ages.

Sonu Sharma’s Achievement

Mr. Sonu Sharma, the cluster’s originator, is a prolific writer, educator, business adviser, and successful entrepreneur in the field of Associate in Nursing. As the most eminent and young speaker, He is determined to inspire and inspire people to discover their potential, whatever they dreams of.

His experience of 17 years in the analysis and understanding of the direct sales business has helped numerous companies develop and succeed. Nearly 10,000 people have been inspired through the Dynamic Workshops across more than 12 States in India, and more than twenty million people have taken his lead on YouTube in 192 countries.

Sonu Sharma Affairs, Girlfriends, Wife & Family

Sonu Sharma and his mother, father, and wife live in Faridabad. On April 30th, 2006, Sonu Sharma tied the knot. Swati Sharma was his lovely partner. Sonu Sharma wed a Bhubaneswar native Indian lady. Sonu Sharma is the dad of two beautiful girls.

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Age & Height Weight

Sonu’s birth date is .11 November 1981. Sonu Sharma has a strong physique . He is 5’6 inches (172 centimeters) tall. In terms of body fitness, Sonu’s weight is about 76 kg (167 pounds). Sonu is always in shape and is extremely conscious of his health. His chest measures 42 Inches, his waist is approx thirty-four inches and his bicep measurement is 13 inches. He has a beautiful hairstyle. He’s got jet-black locks and deep brown eyes.


Sonu Sharma began his education in a school known as Dayanand Public School. After he departed from Dayanand, school, he was enrolled in the DAV College, Chandigarh, studying chartered accounting. Sonu Sharma could have done better in his schoolwork. However, somehow he was able to get through the entire process.


Sharma, Sonu Is a complex human being. He is an influential business consultant, public speaker, and marketer of international fame. While he’s an enterprise advisor and a renowned marketer, motivational speaking was his way to become the spotlight. The youngest Indian motivational speaker, Sonu Sharma, is also one of the most successful. He started exploring his talents at a very young age, so he spends much of his spare time educating and motivating his fellow students to overcome the difficult situations they’re through.

Sonu Sharma, This company’s namesake, Dynamic India Group, is also its creator.. With his vast experience and extensive knowledge in business consulting and motivation, He has helped steer diverse companies in the correct direction. In addition to being the face of a new company called Naswiz Retails and the highest-paid employee at one of India’s biggest regional advertising agencies, Sonu Sharma is also a potential startup founder.

Sonu Sharma Books

Sonu Sharma is a talented novelist and writer, the best MLM manager in India, and a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and businessman. His book is called Prerit Karne ke Mission Par. I receive a small percentage if you click the link below to purchase the book on Amazon—Sonu Sharma Net Worth In Rupees. To read the book, buy it immediately at

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Net Worth

In 2021, Sonu Sharma will have a net worth of $6,000,000. Sonu Sharma’s net worth in 2021 is 6 million dollars. Sonu Sharma largely depends upon the success of his MLM Company, Naswiz Retails, and Dynamic Indian Groups. The channel was on YouTube that had over 7 million users.

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He also charged as much as ten lakhs of rupees for a single webinar with millions of viewers, as he is reputed to be one of the top motivators in India. He made up to 50 lakhs a month. YouTube ads, webinars, and network marketing are the primary earnings source. Also, he owned a lavish home worth three crores rupees. For 2021 Sonu Sharma’s net worth increased by 12% from the prior year.


When Sonu Sharma declared his intention to join Vestige Marketing Pvt, Ltd, anger was expressed in India. His Dynamic India Group has 230 locations and over $250 million market cap. But now he works as an adviser for Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. He allegedly paid 48 crore rupees, about $2.6 million, to move to Canada.

He says that despite his efforts for many years, he has finally realized that Naswiz is the only market where he can make money and expand his business. There will never be a conclusive explanation for why Sonu Sharma, one of the world’s most well-known and busy public speakers, speakers, and social influencers, would make such a huge choice. One or more of the following may have played a role in this life-altering decision:

Social Media

Sonu Sharma’s Instagram following is over 929K strong. More than 41,000 people follow Sonu Sharma on Twitter. He has more than 19 million Facebook fans. There are more than 6,418,945 people who follow Sonu Sharma on Facebook. He began posting recordings of his seminars and speeches to a YouTube channel under his name (‘SONU SHARMA’) in October 2006. The channel’s audience size is over 7 million strong. He launched his second YouTube account, TEAM SONU SHARMA, in May 2020. More than 132,000 people have subscribed to this page.


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  • Can I ask Sonu Sharma if he’s an alcoholic?
  • No Information Available
  • An Indian motivational speaker, author, educator, business consultant, and entrepreneur, Sonu Sharma has done it all.
  • Sonu Sharma grew up in Faridabad, Haryana, with his middle-class Indian household.
  • He completed high school at Dayanand Public School in Faridabad, Haryana, India.
  • He had a tough time early on because of money issues.
  • One of India’s most prominent youthful motivational speakers is Mr. Sonu Sharma.
  • He earned his B.Com in accounting from Chandigarh University in India.
  • Moreover, he passed the CA (Chartered Accountant) test.

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