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Surviving the Holidays with Addiction: Tips on Coping



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It’s the time of year when families and friends gather to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. However, if you or someone in your family is struggling with addiction, this may not be a joyous occasion for everyone. The following will provide tips on coping with addiction around the holidays so that you can enjoy this festive season.


Tips on dealing with addiction around the holidays

If you’re struggling with addiction, the holidays will be difficult. The best thing to do in this situation is to be aware of yourself and the events around you. It’s important that you get the support you need on this journey by encouraging sobriety every day with not only yourself but others around you in the same situation.

Don’t feel guilty about your addiction.

You are not doing anything wrong by struggling with this disease, so don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. Ensure you’re spending time with supportive people who understand why the holidays may be especially hard on you and will show understanding. If you need to, rely on loved ones who have proven to understand and support you in the past when coping with tricky situations involving addiction.

Avoid risky situations

Avoiding risky situations in the first place would be ideal. However, that’s not always possible. The best way to combat this would be to plan and think of ways to avoid spending time with people who you know will trigger your addiction. Remember, it’s okay to say no. You’re not obligated to behave a certain way while visiting family and friends.

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Don’t feel obligated

You don’t need to go to every family gathering if you’re not comfortable attending. If your loved ones don’t understand why, it’s so important for you to avoid these gatherings, explain the situation in a kind way that does not accuse them. If you don’t want to go to the gathering and don’t want to explain yourself, remember it’s okay to say no and set boundaries if you’re not comfortable and feel they may trigger you.

Take a break

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break and remove yourself from the situation. You can also use this strategy if dealing with family members who do not understand addiction and are being judgmental.

Plan for social functions

Attending a holiday party? Plan and if you must drink anything, be mindful. Drink a sparkling soda or water with lime instead of reaching for a drink. Keep yourself occupied with what’s happening at the gathering. You’ll be happier if you did so with a clear mind. If needed, reach out to people in recovery programs or support groups to discuss what you are going through and gain strength from those who truly understand your struggle.

As the holiday’s end, remember that life does not stop here; it is important to always remain committed towards recovery, even when family celebrations resume later during the year. If you feel you need help during these challenging days, reach out to your nearest rehab center or helpline and read more on how they can help you through the holidays.

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