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Technologies That Can Revolutionize Marketing In 2021



Revolutionize Marketing In 2021

Can you imagine any business which does not need marketing? Since the good old days, for every business, marketing has been a prominent feature. Every company does have a marketing budget, and it is well-known large business conglomerates spend billions of dollars on marketing advertisements, videos, posts, and images. If a company does not indulge in marketing (especially social media marketing or digital marketing) in this era, there are hundred percent chance of the business becoming a failure. It is also true technology has grown multi-fold and new innovations are happening which can change the very landscape of the marketing industry. This article, let us know about the technologies that can revolutionize marketing in 2021 and the future.


A. Branding


Every organization, ranging from small to medium to big makes use of innovative technologies in marketing in their own way according to their budget. For example, many are making use of the internet, chatbots, and electronic billboards to foster positive interaction between the company customer care executive and the target audience.

B. Customer service

Customer service

There is a true saying – A company can have the best products, the best management, and budget, but if its customer care management is not proper, there are chances of it attaining huge financial losses. As per industry experts, an excellent customer care center is the backbone of every business. In the earlier days, it was difficult to identify the red flags in the customer service. However, in recent days, technological tools that can pinpoint minute details, recorders to monitor executive conversations, and make on-the-spot decisions to prevent controversies are becoming a positive factor in the marketing field. Also, many companies are using their regular customer care service to give information about the new products to the customers.

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C. Feedback


If there is one area where technology has given multiple benefits, it is the feedback sector. Even if you are a small company, based on the social media interactions of your target audience, the comments on the youtube channel, and internet surveys, it is possible to know the opinion about your products & services. Let us imagine, you are the business owner of a three-star hotel specializing in Indian & Chinese cuisine. Your hotel attracts hundreds of customers every day, and your marketing team wants to know the most preferred recipe as well as the least popular one. Now, your team prepares a feedback form and asks every customer after he/she has paid the bill to kindly fill in the details. There will be hundreds of forms, and it will take at least three persons to check every day if the work is to be done manually. But, when you take the help of

an AI tool, then it will easily identify the strong/weak points and can give the result within three hours. The marketing team can then prepare the reports based on the inputs.

Complicated Technologies used in Marketing Industry

Complicated Technologies used in Marketing Industry

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the most happening technologies of today. Let us take an example on how artificial intelligence helps an Ecommerce website in marketing. A visitor comes to the website and purchases a product. Before he/she can exit the website, there comes a recommendation such as “Customers who had purchased this product also bought so and so products.” The visitor may get curious and may navigate to the other products. If interested, they can buy the product. For the E-commerce website team, it is an added bonanza. This is how AI helps in marketing.

D. ChatBots


These software applications have given the best benefits to websites which deal with sale of products. They have replaced day-to-day customer care executives who must keep replying to the same kind of queries. With chatbots in their place, these applications can answer simple questions satisfactorily, and for complex situations, they can always transfer the call to the human executive. If the chatbot is well-versed in handling even complex customer queries, then machine learning programs have been used in the software.

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There are some chatbots, which take down customer interactions, pinpoint the faults, and keep them stored about the complaints of a product. They then send reports to the marketing team. So, the products and services tend to get better because of these applications.

E. 5G Connection


Now, every marketer in the globe is waiting for a 5G network connection to speed up the loading of web pages, wireless connectivity, completing transactions in less time, and transferring files from one point to another.

F. Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

The internet is filled with data, and it will take a complex technology tool to identify, analyze the data, and use them accordingly for the benefits of an organization. A marketing team of a large business organization can get data from multiple sources, but it will take time for a human to work on the entire data. But if AI concepts are applied, then the data can be sorted and made the best use in less time.

G. Blockchains


This method of storing, protecting data can bring significant changes in many businesses. This technology can act as a security feature when it comes to online transactions.

H. Reach


Kindly visualize the marketing used by the 1970s generation in the globe. They used to rely only on electronic mediums such as radios and television. Of course, there used to be word-of-mouth marketing, but it did not suit every business. Compare the same to the present marketing mediums of today. You have multiple options such as social media, email marketing, digital marketing, and more. And the most important factor, in the olden days, the businesses did not know the reach an advertisement may have. But now, with Facebook and Google ads, it is possible to target only a specific audience, belonging to a country, age, religion, and more. Digital marketing can know the number of leads his/her ads may have got, the very next day, by checking on tools such as Google Adsense, etc.

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The above-mentioned technologies are only a few of the many that can revolutionize marketing in 2021 and the future. Are you a small-time business owner in New Zealand and have recently set up an eCommerce website online? Now, with only a small budget, you need to think about marketing in all aspects, traditional marketing for your brick and mortar store as well as digital marketing. Now, digital marketing is a vast field, and though you may get many freelancers to work for your company products, seldom can you find professionals who can work on all social media platforms. Chances are, many will be skilled in only Facebook ads or Google ads or in some platforms. So, it is best to hire a digital marketing company in New Zealand who will have the best professionals in the globe. You can have a discussion, prepare marketing strategies in coordination with the digital marketing service team, and then work on achieving your business goals and objectives.

Hope this article has given the best information on future technologies that can bring a change in the marketing industry. Do you feel we have left some new technologies? Kindly drop a review in the Comments Section.

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