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7 Things to Check Before Buying a Property in Australia



Buying a Property in Australia

If you’re new to the market and want to know what you’ve missed out on during your searches for new properties, read this article as it will help give you the necessary insights.


The first thing that you ought to do before purchasing any property is to try and understand why the previous owners are willing to part ways with it. Most of the time the reasons could be motivated by financial requirements or because the owners are shifting into a new locality. These are acceptable reasons.

The problem arises when the reasons for selling space are associated with other factors such as the high cost of maintaining it or due to known issues with the structure of the house that the owners may not have mentioned.

The best way to know these reasons is by either enquiring about it from your property agent or the neighbors. The neighbors often know more than we think they do and that can be very helpful for gaining such insights.

  • Check-in with the local development authorities.

Checking in with the local council is often a good idea as they are aware not just about ongoing projects but can even tell you about the future projects that they plan on undertaking. This can give you a good insight into the area and how it will develop in the future.

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Many people have managed to avoid buying properties in areas that were around designated high-rise projects or commercial complexes simply by checking in with their local development council.

  • Know the underlying costs.

While creating a budget for our ideal house, we often focus on the cost of the property itself rather than the various other implied costs that come along with it. For example, the legal cost of transferring a deed or title of a property is often overlooked and can cost a sizable sum depending on the laws of the state.

For that reason, it’s good to know the various underlying costs before finalizing your budget.

  • Check for title or original deed.

An original deed gives you a complete history of the house and indicates how old its structures are, in cases where the structural elements are too old, you would either not want to buy the house or you could get the same house at a much lower cost.

  • Thoroughly inspect the property.

If you can not figure it out yourself, hire a team of professionals to determine whether the property is worth buying at that rate or not. Often, such an inspection can help bring down the cost.

  • Compare the price of other properties in the same locality.

To know if you are getting the right price for your property, it is always suggested that you compare the price of other properties in that area. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process as many property owners might not be comfortable sharing that information.

You could get such information from the development council as well but they may have information on current trends or the average costs, etc. the next alternative to acquiring such information is by hiring property consultants.

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The reason for doing that is because their involvement with various property dealings gives them insight into the ongoing market rates. Not only would this information be updated but in certain cases would be such that even local councils would not have it.

If you are in search of a property and do not have the time to get information on every aspect, then you can simply hire property consultants like These property lawyers have been in the business for a while and can provide the much needed insight.

  • Check for available home loans.

It is always a good idea to check out for available home loans and understand what the prevailing rates are. There are two reasons why you should do this. The first is that in the event you realize that your desired house is exceeding the budget that you had set out for yourself, you can still make the purchase with the help of a loan and thereby not give up on your dreams because of a small financial hiccup.

The second reason for considering available home loans is to understand the prevailing market costs and figure out how well the real estate sector is doing financially. You may have heard people say that the market is down or that the market is performing above the expected levels. Most of these calculations are made by banks and these calculations are, to an extent, reflected in the loan offered.

Sure, a loan will be given based on your financial credibility but there are certain areas where development is booming or lacking, based on which many banks are either eager on giving out a loan or hesitant.

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With all of this information, you’re bound to get the best deal out there.

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