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Phenomenal Stylist Tips for Having Shiny and Stunning Hair



Shiny and Stunning Hair

We all want to have healthy and shiny hair, the kind we exit our hairstylist’s salon with. In reality, though, no matter how hard we try, it seems that all of our efforts go to waste, as we keep failing at achieving the same effect they do. So, what is it that our stylists do that makes our hair so beautiful? Here are some of the secrets to having magnificent hair that everybody will notice.


Get the Best Hot Tools

If you style your own hair regularly, you know how to blow dryers, curling, and straightening irons can damage your hair strands. While you can’t fully prevent hair damage, you can control it to a great extent by choosing hot heat-based tools that will dry and harm it less. Those might be more expensive than the regular ones, but it’s an investment that will pay off, as you won’t have to deal with as much damage control. Some of the tools on the market boast new technology, the kind that doesn’t dry your hair and cause split ends. High-power hairdryers that don’t use extreme heat, curling irons that distribute the heat on your hair evenly, and vapor-based irons that actually repair your hair are now available on the market, so make sure you find them and be kinder and gentler to your hair.

Find the Right Products

Buying the most expensive products because you feel they are of better quality than others may not do your hair any justice, as you should first be clear about your hair type. This is actually something your hairstylist should be able to help you with, so talk to them and ask for their professional opinion. They will also know which products are better than others in general, especially when it comes to taming frizzy hair or repairing damaged ones. They’ll also know what type of shampoo and regenerator you should use for your specific hair color, and which products will get you the texture and volume you’re seeking. The right sort of product can provide your hair with the care it truly needs. This also applies to hair extensions, since thin and dull hair without enough length can look unsatisfying. If you feel your hair needs some upgrade, look for the best hair extensions tape out there, which is easier to install and can last up to 18 months once you buy it. This type of extension will look amazing even on thin and fine hair, it’s durable and moisture-proof so that you can wear it in almost any situation.

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Practice Your Blowout

As important as the hot tools you use on your hair are, how you use them also matters. Namely, blowing your hair the wrong way can cost you its healthy glow. Instead of blowing your hair from a fair distance and all over the place, practice applying heat in the right direction and do so with the hairdryer as close as you can get to your hair without actually touching it. You should direct the hot air down your strands, in order for it to blow along your hair, from the roots down to its tips, since that’s the most effective way to get the shiny hair-salon look. If you’re aiming for curls, curling iron is a much better idea than a brush and blow dryer, as that would take too much time and cause more damage to your hair. Another good piece of advice is to avoid using more than one hot tool a day. So, if you want curls, wash your hair and air dry it before using an iron.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

Many people face the problem of oily and limp hair merely a day or two after washing it and styling it. This can be extremely annoying and force you to wash your hair daily. However, bear in mind that shampooing alone is damaging to your hair, even more so if you use hot water when washing it. Add to this the hot-tool styling that follows and things instantly become worse. This can break your strands, leave you with split ends and rid you of the natural oils on your hair and scalp. So, unless your hair is unusually oily, restrain yourself from washing and styling it more often than once or twice a week. If you notice your hair is getting oily between washes, you can use dry shampoo, but that’s another thing you shouldn’t use too frequently, as you could end up with more buildup than you can handle.

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Find patience to give your hair the time and the attention it needs so that it can be as gorgeous as your hairstylist makes it. With these excellent tips, you’ll be on a good way to do precisely that.

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