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Seven Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Bong




Bong rips have been the best and most effective way to enjoy marijuana. Many people still enjoy using bongs to smoke recreational drugs because they provide smoothness, potency, and ease of use. However, hitting a bong can intimidate you if you are unsure of the right amount of smoke to use. The thought of using bong rips scares some people because the hits can be harsh.

There is a right way to use a bong and get the most out of it. These tips can create ultra-smooth bong rips to get you high without damaging the lungs. This is because it is possible to enjoy taking a bong hit without having to cough afterward. It all comes down to how you use the bong and maximize its use for a more enjoyable experience. Here are ways you can improve your bong rips when smoking marijuana.


1.    Ash catchers

Using ash catchers ensures that your smoke is significantly cooled down when using a bong to smoke. It helps reduce coughing after a bong hit caused by improper filtration. If you are a regular water pipe user, the ash catcher allows for a cleaner pipe while enhancing the flavor with added diffusion.

An ash catcher device separates the bowl from the bong to keep the ash from falling directly into your bong. The majority comes with a built-in percolator that helps reduce the severity of a harsh rip. These devices are available in different sizes and designs. They remove tar and dirt from your flower before it gets to the lungs.

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2.    Ice catcher

Ash catchers

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Ice bongs can improve your smoking experience in remarkable ways. As the name goes, this is a bong with an ice catcher and a glass tube to add ice cubes. Adding ice to daily high club glass bongs cools the smoke before it reaches the lungs to make it smooth. The bong usually serves the role of stopping ice from falling through the water chamber.

Use the ice catcher if you want to enjoy a cool smoking experience. The ice slowly melts while cooling down the smoke to ensure you get cool hits. These items are discreet and easy to carry.

3.    Hemp wick

One of the most innovative ways to use bong is by combining it with the hemp wick. As hemp becomes more legally available, smokers are wrapping the wick around lighters for easy usage. The wick is made from hemp fibers wrapped around a lighter for easy lighting. Using a hemp wick lighter is healthier than a butane lighter since it reduces the risk of inhaling harmful butane gases.

Today, you have an option of buying a hemp wick holder that makes dubbing a lot easier. It reduces the gases that come in contact with the lungs to ensure a healthy, smooth, and flavorful hit. Hemp wick also offers more control of the flame while providing precision with the bowl.

4.    Percolators


Image source: Unsplash

Bong percolators are a great way to smoke marijuana by making the hits less harsh. They have several holes that serve as a point of diffusion and adding drag to each hit. When smoking the herb, a percolator cools the smoke by moisturizing the hit and making the smoke less harsh on the lungs. The percolator also slows down the path of the smoke to the lungs, giving the smoke more time to cool down. It forces the smoke to travel through water to filter nasty chemicals and cool it before reaching the lungs.

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5.    Electronic lighter

Use the electronic lighter if you want to remove the need for butane in your smoking experience. These devices have tin metal wires or ceramic heating elements. They offer some of the smoothest smoke from marijuana and are better for smoking hash mixed into a bowl. The electronic lighter also provides a clearer taste and a more authentic experience.

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Electronic lighters require adequate charging to function fully. They operate much better than other lighters and have higher quality. Once charged, an electronic lighter can last for about a week before demanding another charge.

6.    Use suitable smoking matches

suitable smoking matches

Image source: Unsplash

Most people use butane lighters to light a bong. However, it is better to smoke with matches than butane lighters for a healthy experience. Matches also offer the simplest way to light up a pipe and create a fantastic smell.

Stay away from butane lighters if you are concerned about the taste of your smoke. The butane used in lighters is not always the best for individuals with sensitive skin. It can irritate eyes and the skin and poses a risk to the lung tissues.

Similarly, butane lighters can increase the heart rate when used in large quantities. Therefore, it is better to minimize butane and to use matches for an exceptional experience. The best thing about using matches is that they are healthy and will never run out of fluid.

7.    Use a bigger packing dosage

bigger packing dosage

Image source: Unsplash

When packing the bowl, the first step is to grind the dried herbs or break them up. This griding contributes to a smoother hit while preserving the kief. To get the most out of a bong, use a bigger bowl that allows for better grinding. Also, the bowl size can make a difference in the composition of your hit. A small bowl offers bigger hits, but they allow less airflow around the herb.

Bong can produce thicker smoke when you grind it up first until the pot is even. This delicate process requires extra care. Packing too tightly can disrupt airflow while packing loosely will affect how it burns. Therefore, fill lighter at the bottom and denser towards the top for an even bowl with little leftovers. The ultimate goal is to find the perfect dosage for packing.

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Bottom line

People use bongs because they can control the number of herbs they can burn. The device is efficient and reduces the amount of plant matter that goes to waste. It offers some fantastic experiences for new and experienced smokers alike when done correctly. You are in complete control of the amount of smoke you want to build. It is relatively simple loading a bong if you know how to get the best out of it. Depending on the hit’s size, it can be smooth or rough based on how you used it.

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