Tips To Help Reduce Your Anxiety

 Tips To Help Reduce Your Anxiety

Anxiety: You Have More Control Over It Than You Realize

You know who has the most problems with anxiety? Those who let themselves be commanded by their emotions. Listen, it’s hard to stop them. Don’t get the wrong idea: nobody can fully control how they feel. However, even the hottest of hot-heads can control how they respond. This is a discipline like musical ability or working out.

Anxiety may not be totally avoidable, but as you control how you respond, you can keep such anxiety from directing your actions. Something like a panic attack tends to lead to more panic attacks. As you give in to terror, you do stupid things that require you to fix them later. These act like seeds of anxiety that sprout into notable anxiousness later on.

Here we’ll explore three core precepts that help you manage, reduce, and overcome anxiety. Sure, unexpected circumstances may still stimulate negative feelings in the future. However, when you know how to mitigate those feelings, you’ll be able to chase them away.

Exercise Is Fundamental

Working out produces endorphins that make you feel good—there’s a reason people get addicted to a “runner’s high”. When your body is doing better, you sleep more restfully, which gives you more energy and reduces irritation. Insomnia makes you irritable.

Also, your body hurts more when you don’t exercise as much. Your back will start hurting seriously bad if you’re sedentary at a computer forty hours a week, and you don’t sleep right. This compounds with age.

So when you exercise, you enable your body to function as it should, which keeps you from being irritable. You’ve got more energy, natural “highs” from endorphins, and collaterally you’ve got a more even disposition overall. The end result is, that which made you anxious before is less of an irritant.

There is a balance, though—you’ve seen those bodybuilders in the gym popping veins and yelling at walls after they drop some barbell. That’s classic “overkill”. Bodybuilding can be healthy, but a lot of bodybuilders die young because they overtax their body—especially when they use steroids. So find a balance, don’t go overboard.

Eating Right Can’t Be Over-Stressed

Synthetic foods, antibiotics, preservatives, and pesticides can lead to things like cancer—talk about anxiety! You want to eat as organically as you can and in proper proportions. Too much is too bad, too little starves you. A balanced organic diet has a high likelihood of reducing stress collaterally.

Relaxing Your Mind And Body: Stress Reduction

If you’re in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, you might use this weed delivery service in L.A.; or whichever state you happen to be in.

Weed reduces stress, stress reduction is healthier for you, better health actually leads to longer life for some. If you really want to see the benefits of stress reduction physically, look into telomerase.

In a nutshell, stress reduces telomerase quantities at the ends of your DNA strands, and you age. The more you can maintain healthy levels of telomerase, the slower you age. When you’re happier, more mellow, and less anxious, your telomerase levels are easier to retain.

Reduced Anxiety, Reduced Stress, And Better Health

Recreational compounds, eating right, and exercise—are three excellent ways to help reduce the stress you feel. There are always going to be situations that impact you emotionally. But how you respond to them is in your control, and if you set yourself up for success by making yourself peaceful inside, you’ll have more control in those situations.

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