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7 Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System



Strengthen Your Immune System

No matter what bacteria, virus, microorganism, or infection is surrounding you, it cannot affect you if you are strong from the inside.

But what do I mean by “strong from the inside”? Do I mean mental toughness? Of course, that is important as well. But here, I am referring to a strong immune system that helps you fight all kinds of viruses, bacteria, or microorganisms.

As per the results of a large-scale survey conducted in 2020, about 20 percent of respondents below the age of 19 years fell sick over two times a year, indicating low immunity levels. Falling sick so often, that too at such a young age, has got very bad implications. It only indicates that things will get worse in the future if left unattended.

Well, look at your immune system as a shield to protect you from all kinds of diseases from the outside. The stronger the shield, the better it is for you. And the thing is, over time, with the right or wrong practices incorporated in one’s lifestyle, your immune system can be strengthened or weakened.

That being said, below, we have rounded up nine practices you can and should incorporate, to boost your immune system.


  1. Prioritize Sleep

Since work-from-home has knocked on our doors, sleep has become a luxury for people, which most of them cannot afford. But what most people do not understand is that their sleep and immunity are closely related.

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When you are young, you feel immortal, but that is not for real. The thing is, when you are sleeping, your brain is in functions to clean up the entire day’s metabolic waste. Yes, that’s a thing. It needs somewhere in between 6-8 hours to do so.

And if consistently, you are not giving your brain and body that much time to recover, heal and sleep, slowly, but steadily your body’s weak immunity will show signs.

  1. Have a complete diet

A complete diet is when you’ve all the food groups in it in the right proportions. Of course, you are free to pick extreme diets like the keto diet or raw food diet, but let me tell you, it’s not healthy.

Further, the one food group you must never avoid, if you are trying to build up a strong immunity, is whole plant foods, rich in antioxidants, including fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

  1. Eat more Fats

What? But wouldn’t that lead to a rise in your weight which further negatively impacts your immunity system? Wrong. Eating healthy fats does not make you fat.

Eating in improper proportions, no matter the food group, will make you fat. In fact, the consumption of healthy fats is very important for healthy cholesterol in your body.

Additionally, you might not know this, but sunlight does not directly give you Vitamin D, but it is the good cholesterol in your skin, which is converted into Vitamin D.

  1. Eat Probiotics

You do not need to mindlessly pop pills for your dose of probiotics. With smart food choices, you can get it from your daily diet itself. Choose fermented foods, like yoghurt, and add them to your diet plan.

  1. Limit artificial sugars

Even though I have said that you can have all the food groups in your diet plan, and still build towards a healthy immunity, you must try to limit artificial sugar as much as you can. You still can have that dessert once in a blue moon, but don’t gorge on it every night.

  1. Exercise!

I understand that not everyone loves to work out, but everyone can dedicate a few minutes of their daily schedule for the betterment of their health.

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Remember, movement is medicine, and some basic lifestyle habits like evening walks, done diligently and consistently, can have magical effects.

  1. Consume supplements wisely

By now, you must have understood that I’m not a big fan of supplements. Vitamins and nutrients that are readily available from food sources, work best when consumed from natural sources rather than supplements.

But some supplements you might want to consider, are the ones that aren’t available from natural food sources, but yet important. These include CBD capsules. These capsules prevent illnesses, strengthen your body’s defences, and aid in faster recovery.

Over to you…

All that being said, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. All these years when you haven’t been taking care of yourself wisely will have some impact on your progress. It will take some time until your body responds to it positively.

But till then, keep practicing the above tips and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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