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6 Frequently Asked Questions About Traffic Tickets



Traffic Tickets

There are dozens of frequently asked questions about traffic tickets. It’s such an inconvenience for an individual to be issued a ticket and have to take care of it for dismissal. Traffic rules and regulations should always be followed so that traffic tickets won’t bother you.

There are reports that say that 112,000 tickets are issued every day in the US, or approximately 41 million a year. Those tickets are just for speeding. US courts for traffic violations could be busy all year round.

You may have been pulled over for a traffic infraction without noticing that you had already violated a red light stop or made a wrong turn. It happens. Unintentional violations and mistakes occur, and there is nothing we can do about it but follow the law. But in case you do stumble upon a traffic violation and have been issued a ticket, you might want to visit to know the best options on what to do with your traffic ticket.

The following frequently asked questions about traffic tickets may help.

Question #1. How do I Challenge a Traffic Ticket?

Contesting a traffic ticket would mean appearing in court on a specific date. There are instructions on your ticket on how you would do that. You can also challenge a ticket with a written explanation and not go to court, which is called trial by written declaration.

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Question #2. Would My Ticket be Dismissed if the Officer Made a Mistake?

There are instances where officers do commit mistakes, such as procedures and inaccuracies about the ticket. If you think that the law enforcement officer did make a mistake, it can be grounds for challenging a ticket. Preserve the evidence and take it to court. But you might want to consult your traffic ticket lawyer for legal advice.

Question #3. Can I Ignore My Traffic Ticket?

Never ignore or forget that you have a traffic ticket. It can lead to more problems in the future. Your fines will increase, your driver’s license can be suspended, or you may receive a warrant for your arrest. Do settle your ticket as soon as possible. You can either pay the fine, challenge it, or attend traffic school if needed.

My Traffic Ticket

Question #4. I am from another state. Would my insurance and driving record be affected?

Most states share traffic violation information, thanks to the Driver’s License Compact (DLC). And yes, your driving record and insurance will be affected because the DMV in your home state will be notified regarding your traffic violation.

Question #5. Are there other options if I cannot pay the fine?

You have the option to ask the judge for a payment plan, community service, or a reduction to the fine. Call the traffic court as soon as possible so that you can discuss your options and avoid penalties.

Question #6. Do I need a lawyer to contest a traffic ticket?

The answer is an astounding yes.

If you have the evidence and witnesses that will support your case but are not sure exactly what to do because of the complicated aspects of the law, then hiring a lawyer is essential. Fines are getting high. You have no time to travel to the court. You have work to do, and you have a family to take care of. Hiring an attorney would be the best option to take.

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It’s easy to violate traffic rules, but a traffic stop by a law enforcer and being issued a traffic ticket would be a headache. Simply follow the traffic rules, and you will never need to know the answers to frequently asked questions about traffic tickets.

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