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Top Travel Tips for Going Solo



Travel Tips for Going Solo

Solo travel is an enriching experience, but it’s also one that can seem very daunting for those who haven’t done it before. Especially in a new country with different customs, it’s natural to feel intimidated by traveling on your own.

To make it easier for you to prepare and feel more confident about your solo trip, here are some helpful tips for you.


For your own peace of mind and safety, planning and booking as much as possible in advance will help for a smoother trip. Getting caught out or finding last-minute difficulty is easier when you’re with a group of people, but you don’t want to find yourself alone with no transport or nowhere to stay, for example. So make sure you plan as much as you can.

  • Try Not to Act Like a Tourist

Even if you don’t feel knowledgeable or confident, try to act like you are. Stopping in the middle of streets to check maps or look confused will only draw attention to you being a tourist who is alone. Research routes ahead of time so that you don’t need to constantly check directions, and try to look purposeful and confident with your body language.

  • Take a Book for Dining Out Alone

Another factor that can be a source of worry for a lot of people traveling alone is the prospect of eating or drinking alone in a restaurant or bar. It’s something which can’t easily be avoided, either, when you need to eat and drink every day during your trip.

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Nevertheless, dining alone can be a rewarding experience in the same way solo travel can. You can more mindfully enjoy your meal without distraction and spend further quality alone time in a relaxing setting.

Taking a book with you can really help the experience of dining alone. Not only does it provide you with something to do if you can read at your table, but it’s also a good prop to have if you feel awkward about sitting there and don’t want to scroll through your phone.

You can also get reading sunglasses for dining in sunny places if you need a prescription to ensure you can still see your book during outside dining. Suppliers like have a great range.

  • It’s Okay to Lie

Always trust your instincts, and know that telling everyone that you’re alone isn’t always the best option. It’s okay to explain that you’re on your way to meet a friend, that you’re planning on meeting a bunch of people in your next destination, or that you have a partner if you’re getting unwanted attention.

  • Inform Someone Else About What You’re Doing

Make sure someone else knows where you’re planning to be and what your itinerary is. It’s a good idea to make this a friend or family member back home. Or, you can tell your accommodation receptionist where you’re heading for the day and what time you’re due to be back. This will help to keep you safe.

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