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How to Up your Productivity While Remote Working, Without Sacrificing Quality



Remote Working

So you’ve finally landed your dream work-from-home job, but now what? How do you stay productive and focused while working at home when there are so many distractions around? We’ve compiled a list of the best tips to help boost your productivity while working remotely, without sacrificing on quality!


  1. Invest in a food plan

If you find yourself constantly strapped for time while working remotely, consider investing in a delivery meal-kit subscription service. A meal delivery plan makes both meal prep and meal planning easy by providing you with all the healthy ingredients and recipes you need right to your door. The flexibility available these days is great! If you choose a service like HelloFresh you’ll be able to adjust your plan according to your appetite, household size, and schedule. Imagine how much time you could save out of your workday if you weren’t struggling to come up with what to make for dinner! With the HelloFresh promo code mentioned here, you can even save on your next subscription.

  1. Designate a workspace

It’s easier to focus on your work if you have an area of your home that is designated as your workspace. Use a desk, a spare bedroom or any other private area and turn it into a work-from-home space. Try to choose a location that has a lot of natural light – some studies have shown that exposure to natural light increases work performance. Remember to consider the background of your workspace if you’ll be doing a lot of remote video calls.

  1. Pay attention to ergonomics

When working from home it’s easy to forget about the ergonomics of your workspace. It can be tempting to work from bed all day but your back will feel it later! If working from home is a permanent solution for you then invest in a proper computer chair with an adjustable height and plenty of back support. Make sure that your monitor is properly aligned to avoid neck and back pain. Lastly, invest in a good noise-canceling headset, especially if you spend a lot of time on the phone for work.

  1. Set boundaries

It’s essential to having a productive day that you establish some boundaries with your family and friends. Let your family know when you will be working and that you’ll need some privacy during that time. A useful habit is to come up with a signal that lets your family know that you are working and need to be left alone, such as closing the door to your office or even hanging up a sign!

  1. Over-communicate

When it comes to working remotely, over-communicating is always better than under-communicating! Since you’re no longer just one desk away from your coworkers, it’s important to keep in regular contact with your boss and coworkers to ensure you’re staying connected about company goals, meetings and deadlines. Even if you have nothing new to communicate, try to check in with your coworkers at least once a week.

  1. Maintain a regular schedule

It’s easy to lose focus on important work when you can set your own schedule. If you want to keep your productivity at its peak, it’s important to maintain a consistent schedule and stick to it. Try to come up with a morning ritual that signals to your brain that it’s time to work such as looking over your to-do list or drinking a cup of coffee. After your work is done, change out of your work clothes to tell your brain it’s time to shut off from work mode. Keeping a consistent schedule is good for avoiding burnout too. It can be tempting to stay connected 24/7 when working remotely but sticking to a consistent work routine can help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

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