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Vehicle Tech – The Latest Aesthetic and Safety Innovations



Vehicle Tech

With each new generation of cars, we’re branching into innovations in the technology sector. While it’s true we don’t have the flying cars the Jetsons prophesied, we do have a lot of really cool technologies hitting the streets. From relatively low-tech innovations, like mess repelling paints and light-sensitive safety features, to great inventions like biometrics and smart visors for driving safety, the innovations in the car industry are remarkable. Read on to learn what you can expect in the next few months:


The Lab Rat – Trusty Coupe

The most common car style to see these new technologies roll out is the coupe. Coupe cars are dependable, popular, and commonly used; they also make a great testing bed for new technologies. The coupe is fun and decent-sized car style that is a favorite among families and carefree singletons alike. The coupe has a sporty style, but bear in mind, unlike many sports cars, the coupe has a lot of practical cargo room. A coupe usually has two doors, and a trunk of course. As for the roof, it can be a hardtop or convertible. Because of its dependability, it is an excellent baseline for stress tests.

Cosmetic Innovations

We’re always looking for ways to save time and energy while saving money. One way to do both is to find technology that helps us reduce our tasks by automating them. Tesla has started this process in the cosmetic side of automotive tech by launching their newest line of electric cars with paint that repels stains, dirt, and even other paint, which means that the little bit of dust or muck that settles on the car washes away with the lightest rainfall. If you can’t afford a new model, you could actually install a tesla paint protection film even on your old model 3.

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Safety Innovations

Bosch released a working sample of their new Smart Visor technology at the CES 2020. This innovative design improves the usable visibility while driving by employing an intelligent LCD screen that blacks out sections of the visor panel based on where your eyes are and where the sun is shining. This technology solves the age-old battle with driving into the sun and not seeing the light changes at intersections. You can see now. The sun is blocked.

Technology Innovations in Transportation

The technology in cars is ever-evolving to accommodate new driver needs and solve age-old problems. As we develop technology for smaller vehicles and master the issues and bugs that come up, we can apply these technologies to bigger rigs and improve our overall efficiency. Keep pushing for new tech, and we can save a lot of time and prevent further damaging our planet.

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