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3 Underrated Ways of Coping and Dealing With Grief



Dealing With Grief

Everything about the future and your life is unpredictable. Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘Nothing is certain except grief and taxes.’ There is no incorrect or correct way to grieve. However, you must find healthier ways to cope with the situation.

Ideally, grief comes in many different forms. You can grieve the death of a loved one, a breakup, or the loss of financial stability. It is a natural but overwhelming emotional response to traumatic events.

Grief can make you feel depressed, unmotivated, lost, angry, shocked, etc. It can also keep you awake at night and lead to physical pain. Dealing with grief requires you to go through different stages.

For instance, getting past the denial and anger phases will lead you to bargaining and depression. Furthermore, you will eventually be at peace as you accept the situation. In this blog, we will discuss underrated ways to cope with grief, symptoms to look out for, and more.

#1. Add Cannabidiol (CBD) Products to Your Diet

CBD edibles can alleviate tiredness, shock, anger, and guilt. It helps reduce inflammation, physical pain, and stress. This product can ease anxiety, reduce insomnia, and help reduce panic attacks.

Therefore, these therapeutic CBD benefits make it the perfect aid for dealing with grief from traumatic events. Reports suggest that grief can lead to substance abuse and addiction. However, CBD can reduce alcohol dependence and help you quit smoking.

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According to BnB Enterprise, CBD products can be hemp rolling papers, oils, flowers, smokeables, and more. These edibles also boost the immune system and make you feel at ease.

#2. Talk to a Mental Health Professional

Grief counseling is an underrated coping method. Some deem this unnecessary and view it as a negative stigma. However, seeking help from a therapist can help you understand the type of grief you feel. Examples include:

  • Complicated grief for the sudden or timely death of a loved one
  • Anticipatory grief for knowing the inevitable death of someone who is terminally ill
  • Disenfranchised grief for losing someone to suicide or losing a child to miscarriage

Mental health professionals teach you to accept the loss and work through the pain. Moreover, it helps you adjust your life and maintain your daily routine. With therapy, you can develop new relationships and identify unhealthy behaviors. In short, grief counseling helps deal with stress or anxiety and avoid depression.

#3. Take a Break From Work

Most people rush back to work to distract themselves from the traumatic events that unfolded in their lives. You can remain busy to avoid thinking about the events, but you cannot ignore grief. Otherwise, you might experience delayed grief if you fail to address the situation.

As you continue focusing on work, you might think you have overcome the grief. However, everything will soon come crumbling down. At the time, you will feel helpless. You might also experience panic attacks at work, which will hamper your productivity.

Therefore, you must take breaks from work to deal with grief like everyone else. Take personal time off to process the incident and cope with grief. Remember, your employer will always consider your mental and physical health before letting you work.

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What Are the Symptoms of Grief You Should Look Out For?

Everyone presents the symptoms of grief differently. For example, someone might cry a lot, while others will not show any emotions. However, there are common telltale signs that you should look out for:

  • Lowered immunity with fatigue and nausea
  • Insomnia and sudden aches or pains
  • Feelings of disbelief and shock
  • Prolonged sadness that leads to guilt and anger
  • Self-harming thoughts

You need to seek support if you went through a recent traumatic event and have experienced these symptoms. Turn to your friends and family for help. Moreover, you can join a support group and avoid social media.

How to Take Care of Yourself During Your Grieving Period?

It is crucial to take care of yourself when you grieve. Otherwise, the stress will deplete your physical and emotional energy. As a result, you can develop substance abuse habits, anxiety, or depression. To avoid this, you must follow these steps to care for your wellbeing:

  • Express your feelings through art, creative writing, or other tangible ways
  • Face your feelings or acknowledge the pain, but do not suppress them
  • Force yourself to eat three meals a day, have CBD edibles, drink water, and get eight hours of sleep
  • Maintain a daily routine, develop hobbies, and perform activities that make you happy
  • Avoid listening to judgment from people who are unable to fathom your pain
  • Preserve the memories you have and talk about the happy times

Remember to plan ahead for any potential triggers. Examples include birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, etc.

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The Bottom Line

You do not have to be strong all the time. It is okay to break down, especially when you are grieving. However, you must care for your mental and physical health. Grief is a rollercoaster ride full of highs and lows.

Even after a few years, you may experience grief as you remember something about that person. Nobody fully ‘heals’ from grief. All you can do is find ways to cope with it.

For instance, you must take a break from work during this time. As mentioned, remember to drink, eat, and sleep on time to stay healthy. CBD edibles can also help you deal with emotional and physical pain. Remember, you must be patient, build a routine, and care for your health when dealing with grief.

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