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9 Ways Online Monitoring Improves Employee Productivity



Online Monitoring Improves


Employee Productivity Boosted by Online Monitoring:

Every manager faces the never-ending task of increasing and enhancing employee productivity. This is a difficult task to achieve, but modern technology has made it much more manageable.

For that fact, the average person in the United States spends more than 6 hours a day on the internet.When they’re working remotely, is it fair to say that they spend a significant amount of time working with high productivity?

No -That is where online employee tracking tools work!

To keep their workers engaged and more productive remotely, many companies have turned to monitor employee activities. Online monitoring software gives the power to have insight into employees’ activity, productivity & cybersecurity, but it is essential to use that power responsibly. It should not be harming your employee’s work.

Although the online employee monitoring software has changed the way most businesses operate, it has also provided numerous advantages and solved employee productivity problems.

Now you must be seeking the ways to monitor, calculate, and increase employee productivity?

For starters learning the art of minute taking keeps your employees on their toes during the meeting. This translates to more productivity automatically.

Keep on reading and learn more about the advantages of using employee monitoring tools and how you can boost your employees’ productivity.

What is An Online Employee Productivity Tracking Software?

Online employee monitoring tool allows employers to track and record employee work-related tasks. Enterprises using these types of software usually follow employee attendance hours, track performance on projects, visited websites, email exchanges, location tracking, screenshots to deep monitoring platforms, and actively prevent security breaches in ‘real-time.’

Employees may benefit significantly from a well-functioning employee monitoring system. This program allows workers to complete tasks without worrying about a boss looming over their shoulders- Everyone dislikes a micromanager.

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Any employee tracking app would include emails, calls, meetings, documents, and access to and edits files.

9 Ways How Online Monitoring System improves Employee Productivity

1) Employees can evaluate their productivity.

Have you wondered when your employees are most productive at work? An employee tracking system can quickly analyze and record the productive & unproductive time of employees. Even the software can quickly look at and research the times of day when they’re most effective.

This procedure provides employers with metrics for evaluating employee productivity and performance. If they’re most effective in the morning, the software helps plan their workday to conquer essential job tasks in the morning and save the long meetings for the afternoon.

Employee Productivity

2) Tracking employee behavior

Tracking employee behavior

Any employee monitoring app would include emails, calls, meetings, documents, and access to and edits files. However, this is insufficient for modern employers. I believe the program should detect behavioral patterns that affect employee productivity, such as time spent on social media and searching the internet for personal purposes.

Furthermore, you can add the ability to block any perceived sites to be distracting to your employees. Allow me to give you an example. We created an anti-procrastination employee productivity tracking software that takes snapshots every 15 minutes, which will help employers determine employee productivity on specific job roles & also filters specific websites during their working hours.

3) Management of projects and tasks:

Management of projects and tasks

Online employee tracking software should have project management capability-display project and task statuses and deadlines in real-time, giving employees complete insight into their work and helping them assess their performance where they are working.

It’s a simple way for workers to keep track of their tasks. They can group them, get timely updates about upcoming deadlines, and more.

The software helped workers organize their work tasks into four categories: unplanned tasks, organized tasks, related events, and completed tasks.

4) Create an influential feedback culture

influential feedback culture

With features like time report software, employees don’t have to wait for an annual report. While working from home employees, the software creates a system where they receive and give feedback regularly. Having monthly or quarterly feedback from employers reduces the chances of mistakes and enhances the employee’s productivity.

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5) Regular feedback from project managers

Regular feedback from project managers

Feedback from the employer is essential. Because employees are working remotely and not get guidance on time, which can demotivate the employees or become the reason for their devastating productivity. So the feature of project management from employee monitoring software helps PMs interact with their employees on a daily or weekly basis, depending upon the size of your organization.

6) Control Remote Employee

To lead a remote team well, managers need to find a way to continue to track employees remotely because they hold the employees accountable.

The limited communication with management and co-workers or lack of engagement can be the primary reason for low employee productivity.

The software gives a way to control employees by monitoring their activity in real-time. The online employee tracking software provides features like employee screen monitoring, activity tracking & internet monitoring.

Control Remote Employee

7) Employees can effectively separate personal life from work life.

separate personal life from work life

With so many employees working from home, it becomes increasingly challenging to create a clear vision between their personal lives and job lives. But being an employer is essential to take care that employees should not mix their personal lives with professional lives.

The adoption of employee monitoring software can create a work-life balance by providing proper time management, low absenteeism, and promote positive mental health at the workplace.

8) Manage the allocation of tasks:

Employers can keep track of tasks with the help of Workstatus employee monitoring software. This is what is called task management software. Employers can manage and monitor tasks or projects that have been assigned to team members. An employer can review the number of hours employees have spent on each task assigned to them.

The software would free up more time for employees to work on other productive tasks, resulting in increased productivity.

The insurance company will perform a background check on the potential employee before the bond is issued. Being “bondable” means being able to pass the insurance company’s background check in order for the insurance company to issue the bond. Learn more about what bondable means and be protected & ensured about the job.

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9) Organize employee time:

Based on employee log-in and log-out, the time tracking software should determine a working day length.

With the suitable scheduling software coordinating appointments, scheduling meetings, and creating reminders become easy for employees. The online scheduling software makes employee tasks manageable than ever to streamline the process and get it done right the first time.

Let me give you an example of software like Workstatus-created for remote working employees. It was a time-tracking & employee scheduling app that enabled users to manually or automatically log working time. It was a time-tracking app that allowed you to manually or automatically log your working hours (upon seeing the Wi-Fi network).

If you’d really like to get out there and explore the different options that are available to you when it comes to time tracking software then you definitely have to check out this in depth article that was written by the team over at HR Advice. They’ve literally put in the time and effort to do all the research on the various different platforms that are on the market and then narrowed the list down to the top 5 that you should consider. If you’re serious about finding the perfect time tracking software for you then do check out the article.

What Activities Are Monitored by Online Productivity Software?

You’ll precisely know what the workers are up to during their working hours if you use an online monitoring tool. Employee tracking software of this kind may collect data on a variety of digital activities, including:

  • Emails: How do you know who your workers are emailing? What exactly are they discussing? What kind of files are included in these emails?
  • Websites: Which places do your employees go to? How much time do they devote to each website?
  • Social media: Is social media being used by the staff during working hours? What percentage of their time do they spend on these sites?
  • Messages sent instantly: Do your employees use instant messaging systems to discuss a job or personal matters?
  • Use of the program: What work-related systems and software do your workers use? What percentage of their time do they devote to each program or application?

To Sum Up

Mobile employee tracking software is a helpful tool for keeping track of a remote workforce’s efficiency and security. Suppose you will be using these tools as part of your small workforce management strategy. In that case, you must consider your organization’s goals, any concerns your employees may have, and the value that remote workers’ user activity can have.

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