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15 Ways Praying Benefits your Health



Praying Benefits your Health

Praying is not just about your connection with God. Primarily yes, it is, but technically it is also proven that it might have a lot of health benefits for you as well. Imagine the physical act of praying that can serve as an exercise for you, the timings of prayers that can give you a sense of focus and hope as well.

Today, for those of us who pray and still believe in the Supreme Being, whether you are a Muslim, Christian, or Jew, the benefit of being a religious person today is that we have all these digital technologies and applications that can help with achieving your religious goals.

Applications like Muslim Pro, Jewish Prayer, and many others keep you connected with your religion in this digital world. We all are aware of the spiritual benefits of prayer, but the question is that how can prayer benefit your health?


Reduces Stress

A lot of people swear by the fact that when they pray, it reduces their stress level. Ever wondered why that is? It is because when you pray, you put all your faith in a supreme being and accept the fact the GOD and he only can solve your problem. This is why naturally, when you can put your trust and faith in someone and believe in it, it tends to reduce your stress levels and give you a positive outlook on life.

Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Just like prayers can reduce your stress level, it is also known that they can also reduce depression and anxiety. But one can only do this with patience and complete devotion and faith to his religious beliefs.

Depression and anxiety can take a person to the depths of darkness and make it highly unlikely for them to function; in this case, you can seek medical treatment, or you can trust the Almighty and slowly let it heal you. Because you go through depression and anxiety when you usually feel no control over things, or you get panic attacks. This has been backed up by studies as well that depression is more likely to calm you down.

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Gives You Emotional Strength

When you have things like stress and anxiety under control, you can easily deal with the task of your everyday life. This means that prayers have given you the emotional strength to deal with day-to-day tasks

Saves You from Chronic Diseases

There are many chronic diseases like migraine, headaches, depression, anxiety, ulcer, hypertension, diabetes, etc. These diseases happen due to the result of extra stress. And since we have already covered the fact that prayers can help you reduce stress, therefore, it can also save you from all the mentioned diseases as well.

A lot of religious people also follow ayurvedic treatments for dealing with chronic diseases. This form of treatment was the one used in old times, which is why a lot of people believe in it and also benefit from it as well.

Makes You Morally Conscious

Religions and praying are all about following the right and wrong paths in life. And if you are a true believer, this will make you a morally strong person, meaning you probably won’t feel good about taking a bribe or giving a bribe to get your work done immediately, etc.

Makes You a Better Human Being

The same notion goes for being a better human being because if you are morally conscious, you probably will stay away from bad habits like drugs, alcohol, etc., which in real life will save you a lot of trouble and help you become a better human being. It will retrain you from being rude to people or bullying them to seeking approval from the ultimate being.

Gives You Calmness and Happiness

Prayers are supposed to give a person the calmness and patience to deal with life, which comes with a certain sort of happiness and self-satisfaction. And if you have that, trust us you are going to lead a very fruitful life.

Helps theBody Post-Surgery

A lot of studies have also found that prayer helps with the healing of post-surgical scars as well. A body post-surgery is searching for some sort of equilibrium which is why all the prayer, patience, and calmness help heal the wound quicker than it normally would have.

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Helps With Healing Some Diseases While Keeping Others inCheck

Since a lot of diseases are related to stress and anxiety and prayers can help fight that, it can also help with all the other diseases related to those factors as well. Some studies found that it reduces asthma, while others also said that it strengthens your immunity.

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Gives You a Long Fulfilling Life

Yes, amazingly, apart from all the perks mentioned above, prayers can also help you give a much longer and fulfilling life. How does that happen? It minimizes all the stress-related and environmental factors that can help you heal, stay happy and live a longer and healthier life.

Gives Psychosocial Support

Prayers are also known to provide you with psychosocial support, which in turn can help you deal with life better and live life with a better mental state. When we say psychosocial support, we mean the feeling of independence among individuals, communities, or certain sectors.

The handbook, pages 25 to 26 of ICRC, says, “Psychosocial support can be both preventive and curative. It is preventive when it decreases the risk of developing mental health problems. It is curative when it helps individuals and communities to overcome and deal with psychosocial problems that may have arisen from the shock and effects of crises. These two aspects of psychosocial support contribute to the building of resilience in the face of new crises or other challenging life circumstances.”

Assists Recovery

A lot of people, when going astray towards life that is taking them towards darkness, a lot of people and their loved ones do divine interventions with the help of religious beliefs. In this intervention, an individual who is going off trackis made to sit on a seat while the loved ones try to convince a particular individual to stay on track or address a particular problem.

Haven’t you heard a lot about people sharing their stories of the so-called ‘road to recovery? A lot of people on this road to recovery have some sort of religious journey to share with you. Did you know that people have meetings in churches or their respective mosques or prayer places, where the group gathers just for recovery?

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Prayers Are Also Known To Impact Your Spiritual Health

Spiritual health plays a great role in your well-being as well. Daily prayer can help with the spiritual aspects and accepts things as they are, and help let go of control or things that are not in your hands.

Many of us are stuck in a tunnel where sometimes we keep going back to a situation, thinking what could have been done differently that could have helped us with a certain situation today. This thought process can take you into a deep tunnel of darkness, however when people pray and trust that whatever happened for a reason improves their spiritual health and well-being.

Emotional Well-being

When you are praying, for some religions, it is similar to yoga, like for Hindus. They call it meditation in a common man’s language. Similarly, a lot of religion suggests postures that can very well be considered yoga.

Let us elaborate on this a bit. Have you seen a Buddhist sitting with his crossed legs meditating for hours? That’s a form of prayer and also includes some yoga poses that help with healing your emotional well-being and as well as that it gives you mental clarity.

Physical Health Benefits

Last but not least, a prayer for some is also like a physical exercise; for example, for Muslims offering the obligatory five times prayer involves a lot of physical activity, which is good for your physical well-being.

Let us take an example from the prayers of the Muslims, as they have a physical aspect in their daily prayer called ‘Salah.’ In this Salah, a lot of physical activity is done, which includes moving from different postures that include your back, hands, legs, neck, etc. This is known to not only keep you active but also improve your blood circulation. Muslims are supposed to pray five times a day, so imagine how much physical exercise does one gets in just one day.

Now You Know How Prayer Benefits Your Health

Praying has become rare in the year 2021, where many of our young generations are turning into atheists and believing in science all the way. But there are still many of us who still believe in our respective religions, be it Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Jewish, etc. There are so many religions in this world that understanding all of them is probably not for everyone.

However, there are still many religious scholars who have done studies on the various religious belief system, and one thing is for sure that religion has given its preachers a lot of health benefits.

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