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6 Great Ways to Upgrade your Car 



Upgrade your Car

Customizing cars have a reputation for being an expensive hobby – but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you are looking to make cosmetic changes or you want to improve your car’s performance – customization is what you are looking for.

There are many amazing customizations that you can make to your car for less than $150. From a new set of aftermarket speakers to retuning your car, there is no end to the types of changes you can make to your car.

Here are 6 ways you can customize your car without bankrupting yourself.

Upgrade your steering wheel

The first change we would make would be to upgrade your steering wheel. This is a change that doesn’t cost a lot of money but will make a big difference to your driving experience.

You can change the shape, materials, color, and size of your steering wheel. And because you can do all of these things with one accessory, it’s relatively cheap.

While the circular steering wheel has been popular for over 100 years, many people find that the slightly square wheel used by racing drivers gives them better control over their vehicles, particularly at higher speeds.

You can even pick out a wheel that matches the color theme of your car.

Upgrade your speakers

When you are upgrading your speakers, it is important that you choose a car speaker brand. These are designed to get the best sound out of your stereo system in your car. Getting a set of speakers will leave you with an imbalanced sound.

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When you are looking for car speakers, make sure to do your research. Some older models have different fittings and can only handle very specific types of speakers. However, a lot of newer car models will be able to handle anything with a little bit of rewiring.

With a new set of speakers, you will instantly notice the difference.

Add a rear spoiler

Have you even customized your car if you haven’t added a new rear spoiler?

If you are trying to give your car a racing makeover or at least trying to make it look a bit more sporty – then a rear spoiler is essential.

The great thing about spoilers is that they are functional as well as looking great. They will help keep your car stable when you are traveling at higher speeds. And will pair perfectly with a steering wheel upgrade.

But the best thing about rear spoilers is that you can get a top-of-the-range one for under $150.

Upgrade your car’s appearance (lights and paint job)

We could have made this whole article about aesthetic upgrades, but we wanted to include some more practical advice. So, we’ve had to fit all the aesthetic changes into one point.

If you want to change the outside of your car you should consider getting tinted windows and a vinyl wrap by Xtreme wraps. Or a few racing stripes at the very least. Maybe a flame decal or two.

As for the inside of your car, you should consider changing the matting and upholstery to match details on other areas of the car – the stripe of color on your steering wheel for example.

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You should also consider some internal LED lighting strips.

Upgrade your exterior lighting

Speaking of lighting, the next thing that we would consider upgrading is your exterior lights. This is another job that you can easily do for under $150.

A decade ago LED lighting would have cost you an arm and a leg, however, their prices have dropped significantly now. In fact, in newer cars, they are considered normal. If you don’t have LED headlights then you may want to consider installing them.

They are brighter, cheaper, and last longer than traditional car headlights.

Retune your car

This is the most expensive customization on this list. But, returning your car really is a bargain overall.

By returning it, you can get a better performance out of every area of your car – without replacing any parts.

Getting a pre-programmed tuner is the most expensive way to do this, but you’re less likely to damage your car in the process. If you know enough about how cars work then you can get a custom tuner for half the price and do the programming yourself.

If you’re looking to get better mileage, higher speed, or even better brake performance out of your vehicle then you should consider retuning it.

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