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How to Accept Someone on Casting Call Club?



Casting Call Club

Casting Call Club is a place to comprehend your skills and level up your work. If you have a good voice, any artistic talent or you have been praised by your friends in acting; CCC Is the best corner to level up your skills. Champs had started from Zero and working as the masters do.

Students learn the strategies by riding the steep path gradually. There are several steps to grow from start to becoming a PRO. Not only that, it provides confidence, work ethics, communication skills, and whatnot!

Benefits of Casting Call Club

  • Full-fledged Education Opportunities
  • Online Marketing
  • Voice Engineering
  • Business
  • Work ethics

By getting exposure to the market earlier, you may know plenty of people worldwide, attain free work opportunities, and do thousands of projects.

How to accept someone on CCC?

When looking for a content creator, artist, voice engineer, drama artist, or any singer, it would be difficult for a person to go door to door. This platform gives you the ease of casting a call. Thousand of creators are using this site to accept several students.

Below are the ways to address this concern:

  1. Open the Casting Call Club page. A screen with several options appears before you to select. i.e., Silver or Gold.
  2. Go for the second option, as it allows you to have professional hosting access to the casting calls.
  3. Click on the “Create Project” on the Home Page. An option is available on the far left side at the top of the screen.
  4. The next step holds importance. You may enter the name of your project. It can be edited at any point.
  5. Category Selection helps you find the category in which your project falls. It helps you in disintegrating your project from the others. If the project is not related to any type, just put it as general.
  6. Adding the deadline can help your participants to know what’s the last date for submission. The deadline can be increased as per your needs.
  7. Adding a franchise can help people match the characters that they are searching for. For instance: Harry Potter, Ice Age, etc. Original projects do not require any.
  8. Classification is available. Choose the category, and you can also transition the options according to your desires.
    • The designs as mentioned above are dealt with in Fans.
    • Machinima can be used to make animations such as video games.
    • If you prefer high quality but don’t want Gold, then professional suits you the best.
    • Role-play is for people whose work is more audio-oriented for recording voices for animated movies.
  1. The next screen pops up for the union status. You may select any SAG or Non-union.
  1. Distribution Channel addition is the next move. It helps you view the product thoroughly.
  2. Explainer Video URL can help you get more significant details of your project. Save your work when you are finished and scroll down.
  3. Choosing a nice picture can ensure grabbing the attention of your Casting Call members. The description gives the turning point to your profile. Professionally explain your work to catch the eye for getting selected.
  4. Using proper grammar and sentences is a must. Adding roles is an excellent step. Just type whatever you need in the content creator, such as gender, voice-over artist, or anything.
  5. Publish your Casting Call. Wait for fifteen minutes to be formally presented on the list of projects.
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After assigning all the tasks to the website, you can have your casting call. Different applicants will submit their work accordingly, and you can easily accept the Casting Calls on a single run.

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